Makepkg freezes system compiling ungoogled chromium

Hi! Just got around to installing EndeavourOS after having a good time with pretty much everything running it in a vm, almost everything runs and has gone perfectly smoothly, apart from making packages with makepkg, in my case with ungoogled chromium, despite the makeflags being set to “-j1” it will still pin all 6 cores of my I5-8400 to 100% then eventually freeze the entire system, I have tried this several times and to no avail, can anybody help with it? Thanks in advance.
I will provide information as it gets requested if anyone wants to help, I’m not quite sure what i need to give

check ram used and swap for /tmp

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If you don’t have enough RAM and/or are running without swap and don’t want to change then you can get binary packages:

(e.g. it’s also in Chaotic-AUR)

I am running without swap and yeah ram filling up seems to be the issue, i might try swap but the drive im using as my boot drive is really slow, thanks tho!

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@jonathon ,

Is this how I could add the repo:


It is not listed under “unofficial repositories” in ArchWiki.

You should read this first:

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Thank’s for the heads-up!

In all honesty, I couldn’t answer yes to all the questions above without more research on this particular repo. If I have any trust in it, it is based on the fact that it is from Garuda Linux in which many users have put their trust. Though I might be wrong about it.

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And very interesting that is, too. This is a recent development, and the motivation is not clearly known for the deletion. There are less transparent repos still listed - so some TU didn’t like something in chaotic-aur - perhaps that Garuda has its ‘custom’ stuff in there too? Other than that, nearly everything is straight-up built from the AUR.

You have to make up your own mind, of course… and, while not a maintainer, I DO run a mirror of chaotic-aur, so even-handedness is NOT guaranteed from here!

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Hmm. The reason for removal seems to be based on someone on Reddit who installed a Garuda settings package and then wondered why they ended up with Garuda settings.



Holy soydevery!!!111 :rofl:

Apparently he decided that adding Garuda settings was OK, because he could roll back to a snapshot (presumably) - but then FORGOT to roll back after trying it out - and then complained that it pulled in Garuda dependencies and hooks!

I’m not sure that this guy should be allowed in anything but a VM!

Anyway - as I suggested above, I don’t have a problem with chaotic-aur - and there are a FEW things that are nice to have direct access to (a really wide selection of alternate kernels, for instance). On the other hand, I don’t enable it in all my builds - unlike the EndeavourOS repo, which sneaks into just about everything Arch-based no matter how installed!


I would say this could be a negative too because some of those kernels have been dropped or renamed and a user with less experience could end up with a broken system.

I had a less experienced friend using tkg-pds kernel from chaotic for a while along with the suggested tkg nvidia packages. Suddenly both disappeared from the repo but he didn’t know and the rest of his system continued to update till suddenly he couldn’t boot.

I had to help him figure out why and how to fix it so even in this case beware of using 3rd party repos.

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Well - you have to know a bit more than minimal to be replacing kernels at random! Point taken though - it can make messing up easier!

I suspect your friend didn’t keep an eye on Garuda and their forums - he’d have known about dropping the tkg kernel (and why) - some of the stuff in chaotic is actually Garuda stuff, and not all of it is clearly marked that way…

I think Garuda was just becoming a thing when this happened. TKG Kernels had been in Chaotic before Garuda was a thing but it ended up being the person building the pds kernel stopped doing it and the tkg nvidia package along with it from what i remember. Shortly after there was a lot of issues regarding build system in chaotic that led them to having none for a while.

Not quite the picture I had - I was on the Garuda forums, and they were getting sick of the frequency of problems with the tkg kernel, so they went back to zen (AFAIK). With it not being needed for Garuda any more, it got dropped. Of course, it could be any combination of those 2 viewpoints too :grin: I wasn’t running a chaotic-aur mirror then, so I I’m not sure of anything being facts…

Also add in that the Chaotic-AUR filled its disk with packages and then the build server completely died at one point (before being resurrected), so there are many possible reasons why packages that used to be included aren’t any longer. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Maybe they should invest in a nice gaming laptop… :thinking:

I jest, I jest! :rofl:

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Can you get a gaming laptop with a Threadripper in it?

jes' wondering'
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For €2000? I doubt it…

Maybe with portable nuclear reactor to power it :rofl: