Make privacy a consumer right - can it be?

Key lawmakers float new legislation that would make privacy a consumer right


Hoping it goes through! :crossed_fingers:

Of course not.

They already violate US constitution for decades (we know thx to Edward Snowden), which is far more superior than some consumer rights, and there’s no revolution in sight about it, the :frog: boils slowly and surely.

We live in a :clown_face: :earth_africa: and those who reign power on mass surveillance will never let it out of their hands because of some silly laws or rights, they never did before and never will.

Besides, once privacy is already lost - it’s lost forever, you can’t undo it…so what are consumers gonna do, go in court? :rofl:

NEW FLASH those in power are scared to death that they are going to lose control and why the hard push using the ignorant right as a weapon to try to keep their power.