Make Dolphin Use Recoll "kio_recoll" Installed

I thought it may help!
Anyway whether we could make it or not I am more than satisfied with the BTRFS, Recoll, KDE Plasma…
I just want to get the most out of my EOS. Searching from a file manager is more convenient and practical than searching from an app.

Just to share.

I found a chrome extension to browse local files here

I wonder (and I am searching) if there is a plugin to turn chrome browser into a file manager capable of using recoll search (as the old discontinued google desktop search PLUS a file browser/manager).

No comment!
I would leave it to the community.

Any way… I will mark it closed to save everybody the time and effort!

I really feel sorry!

I reviewed user @ivanhoe posts in the forum, or in this topic, when he joined, what he contributed, his hidden profile!!!.. just trying to “evaluate”, or as said “Speak, so I can see you”…

So, I decided to not to waste all the effort and time @dalto , @ricklinux , @Kresimir have contributed to try to make EOS better, so I will remove the “solved” mark!

And I do not mind marking it as solved any time!

As a heads up, I exchanged an email with the maintainer. We are in very different timezones and it is the weekend so it might be a while before we work to a conclusion.

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Thank you very much @dalto for all what you are doing (as usual). I really appreciate what you contribute to this forum.

I mentioned I am already satisfied with my system at its current state. (thanks to you and many others in previous discussions)
I thought that raising such issue might contribute to improving EOS

But anyway, as per my previous post I have marked the topic as solved so not to bother anybody and save time and effort for everybody, and for me so I do not feel sorry!

Thank you @dalto, thank you all for your attempts to help, and attempts to make EOS better.

I got a response confirming that it doesn’t work with the current version of kio/dolphin that is in Arch.

He is going to look at it but it may take some time.

I just got the same reply from him by email.
I hope he joins us here…
So, would you suggest I mark it solved for now?

I would say no because it isn’t solved.


OK… if you say so…
Thank you for everything.


It’s a noble gesture @limotux.


Really thank you for the generous compliment.
I am already using what others contributed. So believe I should:

  • contribute in return to the society I count myself a member. It is a moral obligation.
    (For example, I contributed what I could How I changed Grub Screen )
  • caring about others and benefiting them makes me feel still useful, and makes me feel better
  • a “selfish” explanation is I will benefit. I don’t deny that. But I say it again, I am satisfied with the current system as-is. So, I am OK even if it remained the same.

Thanks again for every body.
I highly appreciate your complement @HMS_Endeavour

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Still reading I found here that for another similar kio issue it needed a system update.
Does Arch have to fix the kio issue? Maybe! We already encountered old version while installing kio_recoll.

That was in AUR. AUR packages are managed by the community and can easily be out-of-date.

The kio package is in the Arch repos itself. It is not likely that would be signficantly out-of-date.

So, I understand I should

sudo pacman -S kio_recoll

Do I need to install/uninstall anything else after/before this?


I am not sure I even understand how we got to that conclusion.

kio is in the Arch repos. kio_recoll is in the AUR. Those are different things.


Oh…! I thought all the “kio” family will be there in Arch repos.

I just tested a fix that the recoll maintainer did. It works great now.

I also reached out to the AUR maintainer to see if he would add me as a maintainer or orphan it so I could pick it up and keep the AUR package up to date.


I really do not know how to thank you @dalto for all what you are doing, for all what I am learning from you.

This is great news.
I hope EOS would consider including recoll and the fix for BTRFS at least instead of Baloo so everything works perfect.

Can I do it?
Or better wait?

I can give you a working PKGBUILD but it might make sense to wait for him to actually release the changes instead of building off the unreleased code.

It is up to you though.

Either way, I will be offline for an hour or two while I make some network changes here.