Magnetic data endurance of floppy disk

Hi, today I get successfully reading a set of floppy disk from my 1999 desk archive.

Wow! At least 24 years of data endurance, of course in best possible storage conditions.

I’m power on very very old bare metal, loading live old linux distro 32bit ubuntubuggy, floppy drive it detected but need manually mount, so I’m ready to get oldeest app needed for work.

I don’t trust possible store data on floppy disks for this long period… but it is real amazing. Maybe upload some video tomorrow for future memory, bye.


One thing to remember is it’s still a good idea to clean and backup prior to using it, they might clog the drive if they weren’t properly stored for that long :wink:

Otherwise great stuff


I still have a bunch of floppy disks from 1993, most of them work fine. Back in the '80s and early '90s floppy disks were a very reliable storage option. They only got a bad reputation once they became so cheaply made in the late '90s early 2000s. If you remember floppies being bad, that’s probably from that period. Those late ones were really crap.


The same thing happened with cassettes. Discovered too late couldn’t count at all on any C-90 from Maxell. :sweat_smile: In fact none of them from any company where it was too humid. The last ones I bought from Radio Shack in the early 2000’s were… just… junk and some of them were Type-II.

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