Mageia 9 on the horizon?

I’m not sure if anyone here cares. Mageia seems to be more of a niche distribution? Personally, I still find it interesting and look there from time to time. EOS was, is and will of course continue to be my daily driver :slight_smile:

There is no publicly confirmed release date yet, but at least a “version freeze” date has been added to the official development wiki page. (Sep 23) and so I assume that Mageia 9 will possibly be released in October or November.

As I said, just in case anyone is interested. :slight_smile:



now that you mention, … I see OpenMandriva to be a bit more interesting, offers also a rolling version,
… same distro family … :slight_smile:

Yes I have looked there too, however the experience with it seem to be more mixed than with Mageia from what I have read?

Have you had personal experience with OpenMandriva?

I can not actually tell about Mageia, they resist converting to a rolling
distro, so I lost interest.

I am testing OpenMandriva rolling version on one of my 5 computers,
whereby I am not a typical distro hopper, so I stay with it…
currently familiarising myself with dnf.

it seems really good so far, but I have had it for a few weeks, so no
long-term experience yet. The forum is smaller but active, so I was
getting help with some minor hiccups.

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Hmm. Thank you for your input!

I guess I will take a closer look and maybe we will see each other in the Mandriva forum some day. :slight_smile:

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looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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I was following Mageia through a Linux magazine, can’t remember, perhaps Linux format. It was quite strange to me that they always ranked this distro as best one 10/10, I think even over other popular distros like Ubuntu, fedora and Arch. That was interesting, either the editor has a small crush on Mageia, or it is genuinely super great. Never tried it though.

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Mageia is one of the distros I run on my laptop.

I have been using Cauldron for a while now since I am too impatient to use the older software it has otherwise. That being said, Cauldron has been stable for me.

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Yes the older software and drivers have kept me from using it more seriously. OpenMandriva as said above could be an alternative maybe.

I also thought of trying out Cauldron but everyone in their forum seems to warn about using it as a daily driver like EOS for example.

Let’s go way back in time. Mandrake Linux was the first distro I used on a regular basis. This came after a unusable attempt at running SuSE Linux in the late 1990’s. (No boot without using a boot disc). When they changed their name to Mandriva and went to a “Subscription” model for updates, I switched over to Fedora. I am happy that something is still going on from the Mandriva ashes. Especially since it holds a special place in my heart. It helped to start me down the Linux road.


For me it was Open Suse, but haven’t tried it for a while.

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My first attempt at Linux was with SuSE Linux 6.1 in 1999. Despite it being unsuccessful, I learned a lot. Once I felt ready again, in 2003, I decided to go with Mandrake Linux 9.1.

I go into more detail here:

I really need to start the blog up again, and do an update to this entry. I have moved on from Ubuntu.