Ls in color ))

sudo aura -S ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols
sudo aura -S ttf-font-awesome
fish alias -s ls “exa -l -g --icons”
fish alias -s ls “exa -al -g --icons”

This is a lesser know feature of exa. You can get octal permission

exa -l --octal-permissions --no-permissions
0644  29M sramt 29 Jun 22:30  22cf2f3dcdd0358414ac7347e7fc8c2f.tar.gz
0755    - sramt 14 Jun 23:21  blog


I use LSD :crazy_face:


But it is allmost same as EXA, it just have config file.

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I also use lsd since a while.

exa is not a drop-in replacement for ls. It does not support the -t option like ls.

man exa:

 -t, --time=WORD
              Which timestamp field to list.  Valid timestamp fields are `modified', `changed', `accessed', and `created'.

This breaks the most common ls command I use: “ls -altr”
lsd handles this nicely.

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Yet again, we have a topic for Lesser Known programs:


I know that exa can do a similar thing like “ls -altr”. My comment was targeted against this alias:

exa is not a ls replacement. And with this alias the command “ls -altr” is failing with this error:

exa: Option --time (-t) has no "r" setting (choices: modified, changed, accessed, created)
To sort oldest files last, try "--sort oldest", or just "-sold"