Low latency kernel?

Just trying to get thing straight for myself:

Recently i am trying to learn Jack , hence came across a person mentioned that there is such thing called low latency kernel.

Upon learning pamac, i can’t find anything call low latency kernel in arch depo…
Any idea ?

They also can call RT (realtime) Kernel or in case of Arch that’s pretty much Zen, but in absolute most cases you don’t really need it, unless you have room full of midi hardware for music production or stuff like that though…

Usually it is enough to just:

Run as:

perl ./realTimeConfigQuickScan.pl

Use this script and all of it’s recommendations (except maybe CPU Governors & RT Kernel), then reboot

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Towards the middle. You should read the whole thing for better understanding of what you are trying to do.


The reason you can’t find it in pamac is because those kernels are aur packages and unless you have aur support enabled in pamac you will not see them. Installing kernels via pamac is not recommended. Do it in a terminal or better yet in a TTY


I have regular freezes when playing music on all players. Would an RT kernel help? I’m not sure if it’s the problem nor where to start. Tx

Not likely.

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Do you have any idea where I can start to look? I’m not sure where to start. Tx

You should open a new topic about it.

Yup, did it and nothing happened :frowning: Tx