Lots of problems after update

I have got a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 ProX and did an update on 12/02/23, since then I have had a lot of problems with my laptop:
Terminal does not show writing anymore (I have been copying and pasting stuff into a text document to see what it is doing)
Chromium is hanging itself up, the screen keeps flashing and I cannot click on anything (Firefox is working fine though)
Zoom client is hanging itself up, it does not show my video even though the camera light is on, but instead showing a pattern on it. I cannot connect to Audio and I can’t end a call or switch Zoom off anymore.
File manager is blank but I can see all files when I attach something to an e-mail.
Log in screen does not show any graphics but is black with a small white box (not a problem, just putting it here because I noticed)
I have since done other updates and manually reinstalled base-devel like suggested here: Upstream switch to the base-devel meta-package requires manual intervention
Here my hardware info:
I am new to EndeavourOS so please be patient with me.
Has anyone got any ideas please?
Thank you.

Try removing xf86-video-intel and rebooting if you have it installed.


That has sorted it. Thank you for your swift help

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