Looks like EndeavourOS is being copied :)

I found this project on Sourceforge and it makes me think: what’s this?

Two screenshots… Enjoy or not!

Well, do I need to ask something ? :smiling_imp:


The first thing I noticed is that it does NOT come with a friendly and useful community! The second thing I noticed is that it includes i3 and Openbox. The third thing I see is a review saying "nice, if it worked right’. And the fourth thing is reviewers bitching that it installs too much. Familiar, anyone? Somehow I don’t think I’ll bother, because reason 1 is reason enough - even for a distro hopper!

Kinda makes one think that there is a really good idea behind where we are :smile:



I have seen this name before. It say’s location Greece? I find more on Reddit

Edit: https://github.com/kyknos123/Blue-Arch-Installer

You could copy paste the code but you never could copy paste a community !
Let’s take it as an honor to be copied… :mask:


Looks really like code copy… as we are mostlikely the first distro using netinstall module in this way… also arco is starting to use netinstall module, thats a good thing, yes it is open source … everyone can do so…