Looking for music tag editor

I am looking for something similar to mp3tag in windows. I know i can run this on wine. But looking native linux applications suggestion

Thank you.

To me the best tag editor out there is hidden in foobar2000 which i still run in wine…
But on Linux there are some other stuff, like kid3-qt for instance, can’t comment on how good it is…
Also easytag


I wish foobar have native support for linux. Best player :slight_smile: I will try easytag

easytag is okies for me :slight_smile: thx

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Kid3 is great :+1: If you’re running KDE Plasma install kid3, if you’re running any other DE install kid3-qt.

Shouldn’t it be other way around though?
Plasma is better with qt, generally speaking since it’s native for Plasma…

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Both kid3 and kid3-qt are Qt apps.

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Oh, i’ve thought kid3 is GTK :laughing:

Why different packages then…?
Weird decision.

kid3 uses some native KDE libraries. kid3-qt includes replacements for these.

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Try picard or “Ex Falso” (wich is installed with quodlibet). Btw, quodlibet is a great music player!

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