Looking for FOSS people to hire

The company I work for, TUXEDO Computers, is constantly hiring people passionate about FOSS and Linux. We’re building and selling laptops and PCs preinstalled with Linux.

So maybe there’s something of interest listed here for you?

For any questions feel free to ping me.


It’s a good thing they are hiring a web developer, they need one desperately, given the state of their web page.

We’re already working on revamping the website, but won’t place anything live during pre-Christmas sales time, of course. If you have anything to comment specifically, I’m happy to pass your feedback on.

I have only one advice for any web developer: static web pages, no back end, no JavaScript (or minimal client-site stuff, like fancy animations and navigation menus), no cookies, no nothing except pure HTML+CSS.


Oh, ok. Thanks!

Firstly, it’s awesome that you’re posting here. It’s a really nice way to reinforce Tuxedo’s commitment to open-source!

Second, what does “m/f/d” mean? Monday-Friday daytimes?

Thirdly, are any of the positions remote, or are they all based in Augsburg?

Thanks for the kind words! That’s what were intending: getting people into the position to get food on the table by doing open source stuff.

Gender neutrality: Male/Female/Diverse

Support positions excluded, most of the jobs are remote or at least hybrid. Meaning: it would be good to come by for the first to get to know the team and maybe once in while (~once per month).
All in all it’s something to be discussed. And we’re of course open for different models.

Something added to the overall topic: we’re not strictly bound to the jobs listed. So if you (or anyone else) feels like having something to “offer” please do reach out!

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I’ve noticed @EastCoastWeb is into UI/UX maybe he’ll be interested?

P.S. I’m myself in the field, however way too busy :yum: