Looking for Arch distro with Gnome filesharing working

Hello from Vancouver,
I just spent all afternoon installing Arch Linux on a handful of computers (all kinds of different configurations and hardware) and the “archinstall” script installs a, more or less, incomplete, operating system.
Upon finishing the install (on all machines), the Software app is not showing any content, pressing the “Show Applications” button in the Dash to Panel dock shows no icons and worst of all, Gnome file sharing is unfixable even after installing gnome-user-share.
There are more issues but I think that I’ve made the point.
So …
I am looking for a slim Arch distro that is installable AND gives me a working basis for local file sharing. My needs are simple. All I need is to exchange files between machines and if the graphics workstation which has an 8Gb NVIDIA card could use Cuda cores for rendering in Blender than I would be wish-less happy.

Zorin can do all of this and if I don’t find anything more up-to-date then I have to settle on that distro although I’d prefer something Arch-based.

Having mentioned all of this, I’d like to ask if Endeavor needs additional configuring like Arch or will it work with minor adjustments similar to the Ubuntu derivatives?

Thank you for any helpful hints. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

I do not use vanilla Arch, but it sounds to me like you’re missing dependencies and/or need to configure your network for file sharing. On vanilla Arch you would have to install and do a lot of this, for most software, on your own. Endeavour on the other hand automates a lot of this kind of work during the installation, and most functions will work out of the box. I do not use Gnome and cannot comment on whether what you want will work out of the box, but if it does not work, and you have to do some minor configuration, the community here is more than happy to help you out.

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Thank you Celty,
I just downloaded the ISO and will install it shortly.

Good luck! Make sure to post here if you run into trouble.

Well …
I am typing this from my (volunteer laptop) who converted nicely. It’s so nice to see the applications icons instead of an empty container.
On to the next machine. :slight_smile:

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I wish that I had tried EndeavorOS earlier. I could have saved a whole day.
All of the computers are up and running … gnome file sharing is not (yet) working but can wait another day.
OK … back to work! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum @vgaStudio :enos_flag: :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:

Good to hear!

you need to install transmission it should be installed anyway in my opinion


No. You can easily install it if you want it, but the default installation should be as lean as reasonably possible.


Welcome to Endeavouros forum . @vgaStudio


Because transmission is the default Bittorrent client for Gnome that’s why,
Saying that i use qbittorent because i like it personally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:

But what does OP need a torrent client for? He wants to do local file sharing.


There is no need any torrent client to be included in the default installation, just like there is no need for a default office suite. If you want one, you can install it. It’s easy.


You are telling me shit i already know but i know you are trying to help Lol. But some userer have never used EnOS and most distros come with things like a office suite, torrent app, + other bloat but then EnOS is also very bloated compared to Arch Linux so it swings and round abouts, By the way do frogs get dissy when spun on a roundabout. Lol :frog:

Thank you everyone for the welcome and helpful information.

To close this out … I am a new Gnome user and love the “Dash to Panel” extension.
Right now, there is an issue which will not show the applications icons.

Here is the fix:

Look for the post by arpanrec and follow the instructions. Problem solved.

Late last night I’ve installed EndeavorOS on every computer and still have to work out file sharing but assume that I’ll manage.

All in all, EndeavorOS “feels” solid and fast. It’s exactly what I was looking for and then some. Thank you deves for putting together such a fine distribution with just the right amount of tools. I will blog about the switch to EOS soon. :slight_smile:

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For future reference, Arch (and all but one Arch derivative) follow upstream packages closely. GNOME major version updates will break extensions - this is nothing to do with the distribution (Arch or otherwise).

You could also likely solve this on vanilla Arch too in the same way - there’s nothing particularly special about EnOS in that regard. It’s the same base system, just a little more accessible.

However, from your OP it sounds like you wanted something more pre-configured than plain Arch, and EnOS strikes a good balance. But, be aware that it will need constant maintenance in the same way as Arch, and this will need some thought if you run it on a fleet of systems.


It will need additional configuration.

Default isn’t necessarily necessary. . .

It’s excessive. Many folks don’t need torrents.

Is it? I would argue it really depends on the Arch Linux that gets installed. Everyone’s Arch is different. EOS is much lighter than my Arch personally.

That’s a pretty bold statement.


The - by any measure - easiest way of sharing files is to run a webserver when you need to share files.

Install the package caddy

Place the files you want to share in the Public folder - just like with Gnome Share - then open a terminal and run (you can of course script it) (remember to use an unpriviledged port)

caddy file-server --root /home/$USER/Public --browse --listen :8080

To see all available options run

caddy help

And for specific command

caddy help file-server

You can browse your own shared files


Or browse from another computer on the network (using the hostname or IP)