Looking for Arch distro with Gnome filesharing working

Or you could install a local server via nextcloud and share/sync files like that.

Btw I don’t use torrents…


I have one which is even easier and doesn’t need any additional software or configuration:

cd $directory_to_share
python -m http.server

Done. :wink:

(Obviously, this isn’t a production-ready web server, but for quickly sharing files via a web page I don’t think there’s a less involved option.)


I think that this is a good and practical solution because I don’t really share that much between the machines. Best of all, no system resources are wasted on running SAMBA all the time.

Thank you for suggestion the python server solution.

Another (occasional) filesharing solution is to run ssh on all machines - and Filezilla makes it easy to shift files around when needed. You can’t get much more minimal, I suspect, regardless of DE…


This, very much so. rsync is invaluable for copying files between machines, and most file managers support SFTP which lets you browse, rename, copy+paste, etc. files with minimal effort.

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Thanks for mentioning that. Maybe it’s a good thing to get off of samba and move on.

Ir certainly simplifies your life! For me, the problems with Samba versions being updated (differentially in different places) were the driving force to dump it - I needed to get files on/off phones and tablets reliably - and Samba was no longer the way :grin: