Looking for a tiling wm that suits my needs

I’ve been looking to install and live inside a window manager for quite a while now but I have 3 requirements that most wm’s don’t seem to be able to satisfy(at least not point 1. and 2. at the same time).

  1. What throws me off on most window managers is the way multiple monitors are being handled in relation to workspaces/tags. I don’t want my monitors to share the same workspaces because i think that’s rather inefficient. Instead I’d want my main monitor to go through ws1-5 and my second monitor to go through ws6-9 without them being able to appear on a monitor they’re not specified on for some odd reason.

  2. Dynamic Tiling without the need of a script in addition(i3)

  3. (Optional) A config file that’s not based on a programming language(or at least good documentation).

I don’t really need any crazy configurability or anything besides what I mentioned. As long as it does what I need/expect it to do I don’t care about anything else really. I’d be kinda intrigued by hyprland but I don’t wanna go wayland just yet.

I’m not sure if this will fit your needs because I’ve never had a multi-monitor setup, and as such, point number one has never had an effect on which WMs I use. But point three is the most important of your three points for me.

dk - A list based tiling window manager in the vein of dwm, bspwm, and xmonad.

This or bspwm. They both have easily understandable configs and use sxhkd for shortcuts. I’d recommend just trialling them both at the same time.

PS: I currently stick to i3 with the autotiling script you mentioned because it is the only (or one of - maybe herbsluftwm can do it?) WM that allows me to have a pseudo-monocle layout with a tiling layout on the same screen. As someone who does screen sharing for 6 hours a day, it’s very useful for me.

I’m not using a tiling window manager, but if I were to use one I would go for one with good Wayland support and good documentation. In that case it would be either Hyprland or Sway if I were to want to switch to a tiling windows manager now.

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Will take a look at dk for sure, seems interesting for sure.
Thanks for the input!

yea I’m interested in hyprland but I’m not too fond of using wayland yet due to having an nvidia gpu. I’m planning on letting it age for a few more months maybe even another year.

Same here with an Nvidia card. Wayland will not touch this device until the bugs it has are unrelated to which GPU I have.

no problem with i3 wm. small change in config, works like a charm. qtile is weird in that regarda and took longer to configure.

pt 3 seems toughest as most dynamic wm come with a specific scripting/coding language. qtile has great documentation.


Hyprland with an nVidia RTX3070 here, absolutely no problems at all.

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I’m using a Wayland session with Gnome since a week and the experience is good but sometimes still a glitch from a programing running through Xwayland.

You should ask @xircon how his experience is besides that it works and how much effort it was to get working on an Nvidia gpu, don’t make a decision without knowing all the details :wink:

Not bashing you here, but you do know the difference between WM and DE, right?

Gnome would not be a consideration for the OP’s query.

Or maybe you were just saying that using Wayland is not a problem for you? :thinking:

Sorry, maybe I’m missing something. Have you looked into AwesomeWM?

I can’t believe it isn’t capable of #1. The configs can be a bit thick, but they’re not awful if you want to keep things pretty basic.

Haven’t run it in years, but it was excellent.

I know the difference, see my first reply in this topic. I was just stating that I do use a Wayland session with my DE with an Nvidia gpu and that my experience is fine, meaning also that there is a good chance using an Nvidia gpu for Hyprland should be okay, but that they best can ask @xircon for details since they are using Hyprland with an Nvidia gpu.

Ah, I see. Can’t wait for the day when Wayland and/or Linux in general doesn’t throw up random issues with any GPU, not just Nvidia.

For me, I had tried Qtile a few months ago which, has both X11 and Wayland support, but launching the Wayland session equalled to an over-zoomed display. And I wasn’t about to try to fix it (nor try to find a solution online), so I just logged out and have written off Wayland for at least another year.

May check it out again closer to the end of this year, or just wait until 2025.

Hyprland nVidia how to:
1 Set kernel parameter:


In /etc/kernel/cmdline, then sudo rebuild-kernels


env = LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME,nvidia
env = GBM_BACKEND,nvidia-drm

env = GDK_BACKEND=wayland,x11

env = XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland

To the top of your hyprland config file.

@Fletscher not @ddnn - sorry!!


my personal opinion, but spent a couple of days on awesome and trying to configure it. Its been a while but as I recall multiscreen and other configs in lua was a bit of a pain.

edit: yep definitely a pain lol, had a whole thread about it in 21’

edit 2: but seems it worked after all :laughing:

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thanks for that! as i’m going to mess around a bit this week i’ll be giving it a try for sure

not sayin you shouldnt use wayland, but any reason you want a tiling wm with wayland?

I didnt state that i want to use a tiling wm with wayland in fact I more or less specifically asked for x11 wm’s if you reference the last sentence of my original post. However im down to give wayland a go and see how it treats me. I’ll be giving it some good consideration at the very least as I’m planning to reinstall my system anyway I don’t really care about goofing around and maybe even breaking something on the way.
I’m pretty much just willing to experiment with new stuff.

nice, have fun with it :wink: I didnt now about Hyprland when I played with all the different wm. DT has some decent videos about many of them on YouTube.

EOS community i3wm is super well done and usable, big fan of it as a basic framework for my needs. I tried xmonad, herbsluft, awesome, qtile, dwm, and a couple of more. Keep returning to i3 becsuse its so easy to configure. qtile is also one of my favorites.