Looking for a new Monitor

Hi guys , it’s me again with a freaking silly question :crazy_face:

I am looking for a new monitor and I have a few on my “list”.


Acer Predator XB3 XB253QGP

LG UltraGear 24GN650-B

iiyama G-Master GB2470HSU-B1 Red Eagle

Samsung T45F

But I would be interested in which monitor you work with?

What is the use case?

Monitors have different pros/cons so it is important to understand what you will be using it for and what other considerations are important to you. Will be using it a brightly lit space or dimly lit? Will be exposed to direct sunlight? Are there any color space considerations? Viewing angles? Etc, etc, etc.

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This is not meant to be a specific question. I just want to know, if you want to tell me, which monitors you are working with.
For me specifically, it’s about choosing these four above. But I have to decide that for myself. They all don’t take much to each other. I personally prefer the Predator or AOC for my use.

I have 3 Dell S3220DGF on this workstation.

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With 3 32" my entire room would be on display :laughing:

I just want for me a decent monitor. I now work with a 19" fujitsu flat. since I earn a little more money again, I can also think about such things.
I have now spent two days looking at all the comparison sites and proposals I think with the two mentioned I am well served

Wow…those are $549.99 ea Cdn here. :dizzy_face:

Edit: That’s open box price also…

Edit2: Here they are no longer available new. Only refurbished at that price.

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I like the Predator but i also like the LG. It’s 1ms 144Hz Free sync

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At a glance, the predator looks better than the AOC. Faster refresh/brighter/gsync/etc

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Which one?

Lg is the newer one adjustable in height and sideways(2021)
There is a LG 600 not adjustable but 30€ cheaper

Predator is from 2020.

The LG got AMD free Sync spec. Others only Adaptive Sync

True that!
But just a Adaptive Sync and no AMD Free Sync… I’m running AMD APU

The Dell monitors are expensive and only available refurbished here now. Obviously that model is no longer available new from Dell.

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Same here. Only refurbished available.

i think i’ll go for the predator, absolutely top price-performance ratio

Get the Samsung Odyssey Ark! :grin:

More seriously though, I do like RTings.com reviews. I decided on a Gigabyte M34WQ based heavily on them and am quite happy with it. Though I did check other forums and reddit threads to confirm. I think I still prefer a slightly curved screen though with ultrawides, just a personal preference.

I had an LG Ultragear prior to this one and was very happy with it. The only reason I got a new one was I physically broke it by accident :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen a lot of bad reviews for Samsung monitors in the past so make sure you research that one thoroughly if you’re considering it. Acer, LG, and AOC all have good reps so you probably can’t go wrong with any of those. But, I’d check the RTings site for your viewing conditions for angle and glare reports

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of course two of them :grin:

Well, Samsung is out of the List :wink:

Indeed, r-tings is a very good source. Unfortunately they have not tested the 25". but it will be quite similar with Acer Predator XB271HU.
In germany there is actually only one comparable to rtings and that is prad.de

A quick note:
Better not use the VA panel if you want to use dark mode because of black ghosting:

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What about BenQ? I have this one in my shortlist for next year:

What are the experiences with BenQ in general? BenQ <=> DELL?

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a very good choice. usb-c port is of course also future-proof
unfortunately it exceeds my budget by at least 150€ :wink:

my 20 year old BenQ with for then fabulous 21" is still running. of course not the best color anymore, but it still works :wink:

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Now in my selection is still the DELL U2722DE or the economy version U2722D (without docking station).The DELLs have 10 bits ( bit + FRC), which should finally stop the banding, which is to be admired with 8 bits every now and then:

Below this price range, it will probably be tight if you have somewhat higher quality demands. I currently have a DELL U2518 with WQHD, but it is a bit too small for me now. And just this banding, which is starting to get on my nerves.

My brother-in-law works with Dell and SAP. He could also get me a smart dell.
Of course, it always depends on your requirements. I, for example, don’t do any professional graphics work or video editing. that would all be completely overpriced for my needs. all I do on the pc is a little bit of everything. all I want is a decent, usable monitor at a fair price.
As we say in Germany…kaufst du billig, kaufst du zweimal :wink:

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