Looking for a mobile password manager

Hello, for some time now, I’ve been particularly, particularly careful with my passwords. I’m using Keepassxc, but the problem is that it can’t be synchronized for mobile use. We live in an age where a lot of things go through the smartphone, and I’m not going to go back to the toto password just for the sake of convenience.

Do you have any tips for me?

nb : I see that the subject of free interaction solutions in linux and smartphones is arousing a lot of interest.

thank you

I use Bitwarden on Linux & Android.



I am old fashioned, passwords have no place in the cloud.

Ill suggest you to use KeepassXc and for syncronisation you could have a look at syncthing.
The database is on my PC and im going to sync the database from my PC to my mobile. It means im gonna change everything on my PC
This is how i gonna do it.



this is not an old-fashioned opinion this is safety level on the highest level

I think Bitwarden is a good suggestion. I have been using it for a while now and it is tremendously featureful and easy to use.

For those who would like to keep passwords, etc out of the cloud there is also Vaultwarden, which is essentially the same thing but would be self-hosted.

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I was about to make the same response :sweat_smile:

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Hi, bitwarden sounds good.

But their server from bitwarden/extra seems unreacheable since min. yesterday.

Wich package did you install ?

There are multiple android clients exist but KeePassDX is the most popular one & well maintained.

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Hi, does it allow to synchronize the passwords between pc /smartphone ?

This is my need.

No, it doesn’t.
You would need to find a way to synchronize the data base between your devices.
The previously mentioned Syncthing is an option.

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https://github.com/Kunzisoft/KeePassDX/wiki/File-Manager-and-Sync#synchronization-application Check the mentioned Warning.

I’d never suggest KeePass to any general users (like my friends/family members). Bitwarden is good enough for it, setitup once & it just works.
KeePass is targeted towards little bit advanced users cause you’ve more control in your hand & multiple client choice. In any case never forget to regularly backup your database. (I saved 4/5 copies of it, in multiple devices just to be sure.)

I am using bitwarden. I was a keepass user for a long time.

The security of bitwarden is solid from my point of view. The storage in the cloud is not an issue as long as your master password is strong. Even if your bitwarden safe gets stolen from the cloud it is practically impossible to get to your passwords. The encryption is strong and the source code has passed several security audits. It is open source after all.

But most importantly: Why did I move away from keepass? I wanted to have a solution in place where my relatives could get to my passwords in case something happens to me. bitwarden offers that as “emergency access”. Very nice!

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thank you, let’s say there’s a big problem on the cloud, and no copy of the database. outch…

thank you all this bitwarden looks serious and moreover free, it’s not to displease.

now, it’s impossible to install it on Endeavour, the repository isn’t accessible.

bitwarden works with local copies. On my iphone for example it works just fine in flight mode without any network.

The reason I switched is KeePassDX has tons of extra customization features in just 12MB (Kotlin for native android support) vs Bitwarden 60MB (Xamarin for cross platform support, which makes it laggy & outdated interface).

@falke We all have our own reasons, whats important is pick which fits best for your usecase :smiley:

let’s say there’s a big problem on the cloud, and no copy of the database. outch…

Bitwarden is quite popular & less chance of such scenario but whether you use Bitwarden or not always keep your databse backup copy on somewhere safe.

Did you try sudo pacman -Syu bitwarden ?

It is in Arch’s official repo.

If that is not working, post the output of the command so we could have a look.


FYI, Bitwarden is not free if you need TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) and file attachments

I do not understand that. What is Xamarin or Kotlin? And why do you mention 12 and 60 MB? I can not believe that a size of 60 MB is concerning to anybody.

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