Looking for a good GUI video metadata editor

I’d like suggestions for a GUI based video metadata editor. I want to start going through my TV shows and movies and finally correct the titles in the metadata to match what I have name the video file and would like suggestions on good GUI metadata editors. Thanks

VLC can do this:
Tools -> Media information

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That’s going to be playing the file, pausing it, then doing that for every file. I need something that I can either rightclick a file and select edit metadata or a program where I can simply select the file from it’s interface and change the info.

Pretty sure ffmpeg can edit file metadata?


It sure can. This will definitely be the fastest option if a lot of files need to be edited.

Here is a nice command reference:

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Yep, but @anon83136962 asked for GUI, does ffmpeg have some GUI wrapper on Linux?


Konsole :rofl:


Found out that for TV shows Rename My TV Series has this built in for the show / episode title. Just tested it and it works perfect. Nice since I’ve been using RMTV for a long time now. So I just need something for movies. If anyone is looking to try this out I suggest you scroll down to the 2.1.1 beta.

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I had another look and even though I have to do it file by file I can live with VLC cause it’s still quicker than using the command line, Thanks


Found this after looking around for awhile. Using the appimage.