Login Screen Issues (Double login screen, Backwards monitor arrangement)

Hello, I’m currently a new user on a fresh install of EndeavourOS. I noticed that both of my monitors contains the login screen. How do I change the login screen such that only one of the monitors is blank or has the login wallpaper without the login field? (Preferably the right one since the left one is my main monitor.)

Also, on the login screen, the monitor arrangement is backwards, i.e. I have to move my cursor to the right on the right monitor to access the left monitor instead of moving to the left. How do I change the arrangement of the monitors for the login screen?

If you are using KDE… I did a small search on “startpage”.
This could get you started on the results your after:


In your system configuration:

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To clarify, is this something native to KDE or is this like an extension/mod? Unfortunately, the current display settings do not affect the login screen, including the monitor arrangement.

It’s native and works with KDM (X11), now with SDDM (also coming Wayland).

A couple years ago, I used to configure 2 displays and after a reboot, it took what I had entered in system configuration.

You might want to experiment to mend it the way you like :wink:

edit: correction with SDDM.

Maybe keys Fn+F4 or Fn+F7 (on a laptop) give the monitor arrangement setup?

Doing some additional searches inside the forum (top right), for dual monitors:

The whole search here:


This shortcut only opens up Dolphin. I tried the other one, for laptops, and it does nothing (which shouldn’t be surprising since I’m on a desktop).

Additional search:


While I appreciate the research you’ve done so far, they haven’t helped me because I need to reconfigure the login screen, not anything on the desktop proper. Both the login settings (Login Screen (SDDM)) and the lock screen settings (Screen Locking > Configure) are limited.

Also I noticed a weird quirk where if l’m logging in, the monitor arrangement is backwards, but if I just lock the screen (or the PC locks me out due to inactivity) then the monitor arrangement is correct.

At this point, I’m considering just reinstalling endeavourOS with just one monitor plugged into my desktop and see if that fixes my problem.

This seems promising. I was just typing my response to your last post when I got notification for this lol. Let me try this out.

Ok! I think I’ve done my best for the level of user I am.

The very knowledgeable members (it’s night in Europe), professionals who help us all the time will come in tomorrow (or when they can since it’s a holliday :slight_smile:

I’ll stop here since I don’t want to overflow the value of the forum.
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So Epictetux’s response helped me with sddm, but I can’t configure the lock screen so it only has one login screen. I’ve seen posts around regarding this issue, but no one seems to have a solution for it. The package for the lock screen is separate from sddm and is harder to customize than it.

I’m stuck in other words. I think if I can’t get this resolved by tomorrow, I’ll just reinstall with only one monitor, and then connect the monitor when it’s fully installed.

Just to update this, I did end up reinstalling anyway and it didn’t work. I switched to Cinnamon as my DE, and while it had more desirable behavior (just displaying wallpaper and only displaying login field on the monitor where my cursor is), it has its own issues, the biggest of which is the backwards monitor arrangement.

However, all of what i described is for the login screen, while the lock screen is better, but I have my own gripes with it.