Login problem

I wanted to clean up my disks and used rmlint-shredder for it.
After rebooting I cannot login anymore.
Systemd (?) is starting everything up to TLP system startup/shutdown and from here on nothing happens.
When I try TTY login, neither my password for user nor root is recognized.
So I made arch-chroot and added password. Reboot, but still same behaviour.
Same for new user.

I wanted to update system in arch-chroot, but no internet connection.

Now I have no idea what else I could try…

Sounds like you probably deleted something you shouldn’t have…

If you run:

pacman -Syu $(pacman -Qq)

it will reinstall all packages and hopefully put back in place something you deleted.

You may need to set a nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf, e.g.

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I think you are right, but this copying of resolv.conf is not required when using arch-chroot but even when I do it, it doesn’t help

Nameserver in resolv.conf is

i see no DM in boot procedure output … should be there …

i see it was before reach target graphical interface :upside_down_face:

What also can been seen in the screenshot: internet connection is working during boot.

But in arch-chroot it is not.

I think the problem of having no internet might be solution, but it’s better to think about: How can it be that I add a user in arch-chroot and then when I want to login, I get message “password incorrect”?
If someone understands that, the solution might be close…

Edit: passwd -Sa shows the newly created user.

Did you try changing the nameserver address as I suggested above?

Yes, but no difference.
There is nameserver and

options edns0

Maybe this option needs to be changed?

What happens when you try

ping www.google.com
pacman -Syu


Edit: On picture hard to see, there is a # before the 1st nameserver entry /edit
And pacman says

Error failed retrieving file

OK, “network unreachable” would mean your network isn’t “up”.

systemctl start NetworkManager
ip a

Your Ethernet cable isn’t connected, and you’re not connected to wifi.

If you normally use wifi then try using nmtui to connect to your network. Also, invest in an Ethernet cable.

Also make sure your network connection is working outside of the chroot.

Unfortunately ethernet is not possible with the notebook where I have this problem.
So yes, I always use wifi and never had a problem.

Outside of chroot during normal boot, it is working. You can see on my first picture that it mounts webdav drives from the cloud.
Or do you mean I shall set it up in arch USB-stick?
This might be the point, but how?


Use nmtui.

zsh: command not found: nmtui

But when doing in chroot it says NetworkManager not running

Yes, don’t do it within the chroot. Get networking running outside of the chroot first.

Working, what’s now? Install NetworkManager?
Edit: Now also have it in chroot.

Got a lot of warnings, didn’t looks like something was installed new. But will reboot now and try…

Edit: Nope, password still said to be incorrect.