Login in plasma endeavour os with fingerprint reader

Hello, I have installed ,on my HP Pavillon dv7, plasma Endeavour.
There is on the laptop a fingerprint reader; I would like to use it, among other things, to perform system login after booting. I have installed Fingerprint Tool, and now i have activated fingerprint recognition for authentication in “sudo” commands.
Can you help me to activate system login authentication with fingerprint ?
I saw some posts but i don’t want break my system, so I prefer to ask those who are more experienced than me. My gdm is sddm.

I’m assuming that you were following this page? https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Fprint

If so, did you check out this section for sddm? https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/SDDM#Using_a_fingerprint_reader


ok, fprint works on login. However, I guess it is unavoidable the password request made by the system immediately after authentication by kdewallet ( otherwise wifi does not work ).
One more question: for sudo authentication I used fingerprint. The two work separately well. Is this a problem ?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘work separately’?

Your wallet is locked with an encryption key which needs the password to unlock. Your fingerprint does not ‘store’ the password and can therefore not unlock the wallet. Your fingerprint is more a second password rather than a replacement for your original password.

In theory it should be possible to encrypt a wallet with a fingerprint, but I guess there is no support for this yet…

I thought I could use fingerprint instead of fprint to unlock the system login, but I couldn’t find anything ( maybe I didn’t search enough )

Are you encountering something similar to this issue?