Log in issues


The first thing that comes to my mind is that I see hybrid graphics Intel/Nvidia and you use nouveau driver for Nvidia.

But since you arrive at the login screen must have something to do with login/display manager. Would have to dig through the forum but I have seen very recently such an issue in a post.

Are you using xfce or which DE or Wm?

Thanks! I don’t really know what I"m looking for on this one to be honest- I was just trying to get the pedigree stuff for those who are more capable than I.

I know there was some issue on light greeter recently which it could possibly be.

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This is the BSPWM version and I have the Openbox that did the same exact thing

The strange thing about it is I think it is actually running underneath the log in manager

I found a post that seems to list a similar problem but it is older and solution seems unclear except trying to replace light dm with gdm which may not be a solution.

Another thing that you could try at least is login in lts kernel. if not yet installed, sudo pacman -Syu linux-lts linux-lts-headers then reboot and select lts. That is a wild guess until someone more knowledgeable pops in to look at your config files. However, it never hurts to have a backup kernel in case something goes sides ways with driver updates.

I don’t know current problems with bspwm since I don’t use it… Hope you will find a solution.

Yes I seen and tried this option too already it didn’t work for me

Changed to GDM and it does the same thing…

Ok then it maybe good to gather what packages were updated from the pacman log and see which one could be the culprit.

I can’t see your pacman logs…

Ok I got it started in Gnome it is running now

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It starts in Gnome but not BSPWM and that was after changing to GSM

In the test group - we were using ly to get around some of the login manager bugs currently on the docket.

May I suggest to edit some of your posts and add the code that led to output in brackets then list the link with the output so it’s easier for other users to comment and follow which one is which…

Glad you got gnome working until someone kicks in with suggestions…

BSPWM should not have issue with login using GDM and as it does not work for both lightdm and GDM… could only be still an issue with xorg if GNOME runs on wayland?
the journal could tell…
journalctl --since "23 minutes ago" | eos-sendlog

Is picom misbehaving again?? :flushed:

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This is also worth a look.

Yup, I have had to disable picom on my Arch VM, because of many issues for example: not being able to close programs

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Sorry I had to go to work earlier… Got home and the internet was dead for a bit here is the journalctl log


i see some issues users have with picom enabled currently …