Live USB boot hangs on "Triggering uevents..."

That’s what I’m working on, but I’m currently trying to figure out how to add the testing repo to the pacman config for building the iso, so any help there would be much appreciated.

My understanding of the following:

To install locally builded packages on ISO put the packages inside directory:


Packages will get installed and directory will be cleaned up after that.

is that one only needs to put the “already built package” in that directory (though I might be mistaken).

It can be downloaded from the mirror:

I think I got it to work and to boot with that firmware package, however now XFCE fails to load.

I’ve been working with a few others trying to get their 7900 XT working. I have a newly created ISO if you would like to try it. Let me know and i’ll post a link.

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Yes I would like to give it a try

So, I was able to get Endeavour installed with the help of ricklinux:

After that I did have a stuttering/flickering issue in Gnome, which I was able to fix using this:

So, I was able to fix the flickering by using Mesa-git, I specifically used the package bin from an unofficial repo, and had to use the note from:

I followed this specific thread on the arch forums:

I hope this might help other people. I still have to test out some games, but so far so good.

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Are you having any issues with flickering or cursor?

SORRY!!! - I did’nt see that the post was not for me: again, SORRY

No, I have issue with I can’t get desktop… terminal works fine… just that on live iso, I can’t go any futher then tty2 and been greeting with login and password, and since there is NONE … I can’t go further.

So if SOMEONE could make me a iso, where I can REACH the terminal, with user/pass … I could then make the errorlog and send it to you.

Or tell me: How can I (EASY) make endeavourOS iso, WITH the possiblity to reach terminal via user/pass
and then send a error log.

Dr Pain aka Per

Please, Can I have that iso ? maybe it even works for me ??? even that I got that darn intel arc 770

Dr. Pain aka Per

I’m also interested about the Iso since I used an Rx 7900 xtx. But I would be interested to know what an Intel ARC GPU does under Linux. Could you give us a feedback once you have installed it ?

Okay I’ll pm you.

@ricklinux things are working great in gmome wayland. I haven’t tried an x11 session.

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I’m glad it’s working. Others here are having flickering issues or issues with dual monitors going to black screen. I’m trying to understand why?

@ricklinux I’m running a single 1440p freesync 165hz monitor over DisplayPort. I’ve also been using the precompiles Mesa git drivers from the unofficial arch repo. Ultimately the inclusion of 6.1 and the linux-firmware packages gave me enough to troubleshoot, and updates over the past few days have things working well. I’ll try an x11 session in a bit to see what might help. Would there be anything else you might want from me to help troubleshoot? I’d be happy to provide specs, logs, etc.

@ricklinux i did make a new ISO once 6.1 and the firmware packages hit the repos and reinstalled. Still had to keyboard through the install because of an invisible cursor in xfce. It was fine except for the toggle switches in calamares for boot loader selection where I couldn’t use the keyboard to get to the next button and had to blindly get to the button.

Maybe you can post some hardware info & logs?

Post link

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Post output

inxi -Ga

Post links

sudo dmesg | eos-sendlog
journalctl -b -0

But after the install it is okay?

Hey there,
Could I please also get the custom ISO?
Been fiddling with this all day :frowning:


What is your hardware?

RX7900XT, Ryzen7 3900