List your favorite recipes, as you can't live on tech alone

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The following is a reference to some recipes on my web site.
Pudge’s fav recipes

I’ll also be trying your BBQ sauce recipe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Next you have to try the Kraft Cheese Spread. Take that to a super bowl party and you’ll always be invited back.


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Now I want cheese and crackers.

I didn’t know they made mini power brick/supplies with mobo adapters like that.
Thankyou for that info…getting new ideas now,…although, I may have to scale back one of my ideas leaving out the mini-fridge part :stuck_out_tongue:

you need some more pictures for your recipes :wink:

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Yes…more pictures. Also after being on the EndeavourOS forum for a while, I am becoming more sensitive to the entire world around me. So I am also thinking of adding Metric measurements to the existing Teaspoon, Tablespoon, cup, pound, etc,
What are some common measurements used in cooking in Europe? milliliters for liquid measure? Kg for weight?

@Bryanpwo If you think there might be enough interest in this, maybe this thread should be split into a new thread in the Lounge area for recipes, etc. But I haven’t figured out if mods can do this, and if so how to do this.

@MrEd Almost forgot, if you try the BBQ sauce, you might want to cut back on the fresh gound pepper from 1 teaspoon to maybe a 1/4 teaspoon, and work up from there the next time.


I live, breath, eat and sleep tech and Linux is the sauce! :laughing:


@ricklinux I like you statement, reject your reality and substitute my own… LMAO
How bout this, you may change your mind once you’ve had bacon wrapped sweet peppers, stuffed with cream cheese, and smoked on the grill with a mesquite family wood…this may seem normal to some people, but I love that big thick first snowfall cooking on the grill when everyone is thinking…“WHaaaat?”

Ya know @Pudge you do realize, your now responsible for coming up with the official EndeavourOs Enchilada, with some sort of Avacado cream sauce, bacon thickened, beer butter battered, Himalayin salt smoked something or other HAHAHAHA

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Since Endeavour is officially based in the Netherlands, maybe the official Endeavour dish should be something popular there.

OOOOOO, good call…now I’m stuck, but I know what looks good?
as if we are not all looking art the same wiki…hopefully using lol

I’m afraid to ask.


If afraid to ask, maybe it’s the same in the other direction?
BUT I think it’s safe to say, everyone speaks bacon, and the website translates automatically best I figure, to a point anyway
I’m trying to think outside this century and look old school, but I see a sweet dish…

Special occasions

Special occasions call for special foods. The birth of a child is an occasion for serving…? EndeavourOS?

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Imagine in a Homer Simpson voice…Mmmmmmm doughnuts.

I vote for doughnuts.

Nice research


HOLY CRAP! We are are the same food level!


much more slober implied…

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Man, there was this cake recipe I had, really old and intricate too. Have asked for it and lost it just as many times. I feel like I’ll never get to bake it ever again.

Very saddening indeed.

We like cake…and sugar…and HOLY COW, don’t tease, go get it and share, you won’t loose it now lol

That makes me wonder a question…How do you put an E in a Doughnut?

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I think it’s Doughnet!


Well if you really want a typical Dutch treat that’s sweet then yo have to eat:

Oliebollen we only eat at new years eve and trust me, if you have one or two of them, you don’t want to eat more. A doughnut is scrumptious, an oliebol is a treat that keeps coming back… and not in a good way :wink:

But to make the challenge complete, if it is a dish in EndeavourOS’ honour, you should find or create a dish that represents The Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Brasil…


When I think of the Netherlands these foods came to my mind instantly:

That’s probably typical thoughts from the germans. Sorry. :wink:

They’re very accurate this shows how 'broad" our cuisine is (not):stuck_out_tongue:, although “vla” I considered a very universal product. I have seen it in supermarkets in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. It only has a different name, or am I wrong?