Linux Zen kernel internet not working

ok I’m having a slight problem after trying to install & use the Linux Zen kernel, namely I have no internet connection, it seems to not detect my network card at all
I found this thread:

But the solutions there don’t seem to work for me, but I might be doing something wrong.

As far as I can tell I have the r8168 driver installed,
Sudo isntall -S dhcpcd
as instructed in the above thread generates an error about a missing operand.

any help is appreciated

Remove r8168 package then reboot

Your ethernet will start working

You should not use r8168

With kernels other than linux


Wow!! Super fast response, worked like a charm thank you!!!


r8168 was installed with today’s updates (I didn’t explicitly request it to be installed), I was able to delete it after rebooting into the linux kernel, and no packages did depend on r8168. This leaves me wondering, why was it installed, any ideas?
(Unfortunately I didn’t save the terminal log after update…)

edit: or maybe it was installed from the beginning, but linux-zen worked fine until the latest update

That’s not possible, it’s not required by anything. You must explicitly install it.

That may true. And linux-zen may have some difficulties. LOTS AND LOTS of people are having difficulties with the 5.12 kernel which is where zen is I believe. Please try the lts kernel for now until more bugs are worked out. If you still have no internet on the lts kernel, we can dig deeper.

Please don’t bump nearly year old threads. Please start a new one so we can help accordingly!


I mean, Internet worked for me just fine even on linux-zen, I only had to uninstall r8168. (And it was a bit surprising that it worked fine before, even without uninstalling r8168)

Sorry, didn’t notice it’s too old. Will try to not do this again.

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No worries. Just try not to make a habit of it. :wink: