Linux YouTubers - Your Favorite?

There are a plethora of Linux YouTube channels. some piss me off, some are meh, some I really like…

Case in point, I really enjoy The Linux Experiment channel. The latest as of this post…

What, if any, are your favorite Linux YouTubers?


Erik Dubois, aka Arco Linux. Very informative about things you may actually want to know how to do. He has a channel over at Odysee, which is what I actually use for his vids.

But in terms of edutainment, I’m the same as you. The Linux experiment is great. One of the best things is he doesn’t pretend to be super technical, then show that he doesn’t know what he’s doing every other video. Consistently just here to educate/inform and entertain.

Three of the other big four show time and time again that they are just using Linux and making videos about it to carve out a slice of the Linux pie.


Distrotube and Mental Outlaw. Mental’s channel is more about security but he does some Linux videos time to time.


Mental Outlaw, and the Late Night Linux crew (even if they use Ubuntu non-sense).

Almost all youtubers are terrible though. A statement that holds true outside of Linux as well. youtube in general is just not a good place for anything.


Mental Outlaw’s linux videos are a great watch, specifically his Gentoo videos.

And I like watching Brodie Peterson’s videos from time to time, Linux Experiment is also a good shout too.


Besides The Linux Experiment which I watch sometimes, I don’t watch any other Linux YouTubers. Many of them give me the aura of someone who spent a lot of time on /g/ and took it seriously. it makes me uncomfortable to watch them.

This sort of sentiment began around since 2017 for me after this video. Back then, I would have agreed with you. Right now? I fundamentally disagree. There are many YouTubers on the platform doing interesting content. Admittedly, it isn’t as outspoken and weird as 2015 and 2016 was, but great content always existed on this platform. It’s just a case of finding it through the crap.


This dude is terrible and regularly peppers in his horrific politics as well. This is a big 10-fail on this one. I’d avoid the Linux Experiment at all costs, as he’s one of the worst there is.

Reading this now after your last comment. I’d really love to agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.

I mostly watch Brodie for the news and history stuff and Linux Experiment, for the news and info.

And some other form time to time like distrotube, Linux Cast, and so on.

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I think Linux youtube channels are great to immerse oneself in the Linux sphere and the community, get ideas, become aware of stuff you can do, and also to learn in some cases.

I don’t agree that Youtube is a misleading source of information. It is just a source. Common source critisism on part of the viewer, a big part in most all educations, should be enough.

Currently I’m into Homelab stuff, and have subscribed in Freetube to these channels:

Christian Lempa
David Bombal
Hardware Haven
Lawrence Systems
Virtualization HowTo
Wunder Tech


Michael Tunnell for some news, I don’t really watch a lot of linux related stuff though.

I like Brodie’s Tech Over Tea, because it gives a voice (and a face) to other interesting people in the Linux ecosystem. His main channel is mostly the drama of the day, which is hit or miss, but overall OKish if you want to be informed what is going on in “the community”.

The rest of the Youtube universe I have seen is either somewhat unhinged or mostly a retelling of news probably better consumed on phoronix. Nothing I would consider a must.


the guy with the shaved head and southern accent–I learn a lot from him (distrotube I think)/

RUNNER UP: finding non-English language linux experts and using the translate/subtitle function in the youtube player to get points of view.

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Southern :us: ?
Southern :uk: ?


Southern :us:

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Derek Taylor (DistroTube) is based in Monroe, Louisiana:


sorry wasn’t clear there :slight_smile:

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The only Linux YouTuber worth my time is DJ Ware, the @CyberGizmo. Veronica Explains is also good at times.

Some of the worst content creators are (in no particular order):
The Linux Experiment
The Linux Cast
Brodie Robertson
Chris Titus Tech
Mental Outlaw
eBuzz Central

  • Veronica Explains is really cool
  • I really like The Linux Experiment, though I usually listen to his news podcast.
  • NiccoLovesLinux makes some really cool stuff about KDE and other topics while being researched and well executed.

Something that keeps me away from most Linux YouTubers is the reaction-content approach that often extends to reviews or impressions of distros/software/etc.


These are the videos where they show you that they sometimes have no idea what they’re doing or talking about and didn’t do proper research before hitting record.