Linux hates #

Why?!?! :joy:

What i mean, is that i’ve found that a lot of GUI programs really doesn’t like # symbol on it’s path, although it’s not like it’s prohibited on UNIX / Linux at all…

find for example doesn’t care, but i constantly find and report bugs related to paths which have # to different programs, now for example i’ve discovered that if you have it in Dolphin and will try to recursively search from that folder - search will fail back to folder, before # in full path…

Why oh why :woozy_face:

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it is a commenting sign in many cases :wink:


Well obviously, but folder naming in path come on…uugh :upside_down_face:

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:rofl: Remember it basically tells :ghost: to not do something :sweat_smile:


Yeah yeah yeah…Tells it only to some GUI programs :laughing:
It’s purely about coding and decisions…It’s discrimination of # !! :exploding_head:

you could find something what says this sign is a discrimination on someone and they all have to remove it from the code (like master and slave on GitHub)


Wait what…?
Are you saying it’s some political bs?

Like # is nazi or something? :scream:

Jesus…Then i’ll never gonna use GUI programs again, that’s nuts :rofl:
Gonna go suckless i guess :crazy_face:

Still, i assume that this was a joke :laughing:


i only say one word:




One word , one script: Ogham. It’s what the Druids used in ancient Britain until the Romans wiped the Druids out.


For me # means you are in “root” and about to break your OS. :crazy_face:


That’s exactly my thought process when i use # before some directories name…
Clearly not for making it first in by naming sort, noooooope :rofl:

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Is there a particular bug report about it? I’m sure the Dolphin maintainers would appreciate it.

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Yep will make it soon, like i’ve said - reported to many programs so not intended to stop :wink:

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btw, since they were moving to GitLab recently, is it still appropriate to report bugs on or migration already finished?

Afaik Plasma/KDE hasn’t transitioned the bug tracking away from, so it’s (still) the point to file bug reports.

When I saw those runestones my first reaction was “nice code but does it compile?”. I should take a break. :sweat_smile:

Who would make such a barbaric thing to the filenames. It’s like using diacritic - that is just asking for a problem.

Me :cowboy_hat_face:

Even on Windows it’s 100% legit symbol and i’ve never had a problem in any program with it, and Linux technically have waaaay less restricted characters for dirs / filenames :upside_down_face:

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Then don’t :wink: :laughing:

NO! Linux is all about choice :rofl:
Besides i already have crapload of such names from old days :slight_smile:


*Depending on the particular application. I only use OneDrive, but that was always a little bit picky too.

I assume there’s some “naive” special character processing/checking code flying around in the “one guy/gal coding away” universe which doesn’t account for all cases. I’m guilty of that myself too.

Best thing is to file bug reports. :slightly_smiling_face: