Linux gaming [Guide]

Fair enough. I thought this might be an appropriate place for it.

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My exact problems also. I haven’t taken the time to troubleshoot it yet.

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I created another post here: Proton Games Won't Load

Hopefully we can get it solved!


why not editing this as a file locally, you can do that in latex lua python or what ever you want html xml wiki-syntax doc rtf yaml … and then simple upload it to some place ?

—> partly sarcastic, but with positive vibe and love :joy:


Well, i write first, then edit a lot… :sweat_smile:
Anyways, i usually do it in self-PM first, then upload second… (So it seems that forum also count PM edits as well :rage:)

Thing is - what i meant above by edits, are some conceptual milestone rather then typos etc…
Need some time to settle potential weak points, then i’ll post it for wiki review :space_invader:

Thank you, and enjoy your ride! :rocket: :enos:

Thx for kind words! :slight_smile:
And i’m sure we’ll figure your problem out soon, gotta be drivers :frog:


what i wanted to bring in is that you could write it locally inside editor of your choice, or use github where also others could pull request changes you can merge to your document …

I have the idea that we as a community could test tutorials on different hardware and then we can merge all that knowledge together inside the wiki. Often there are different ways to get things working and if we bring this together we can find the best way or most easy one to get stuff working. On a complex theme like “Gaming on Linux” we could create a great knowledge base for the whole community of Linux.


I wanna like this , but I have reached my daily limit . So here is some love :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


That’s interesting idea actually, i thought to use forum for that, to post revision or ask question in doubt (kinda like i did on post 3, but create separate threads for call to testing on specific topic)

Yep, exactly what i want :slight_smile:
For example, i’m pretty sure of what i write on Nvidia side, since i use it, but on AMD i need to gather more information!

I though to try forum approach first, but on the other hand GitHub has much bigger userbase…However it will be harder to support perhaps :sweat_smile:

:revolving_hearts: :partying_face:

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1st gen Ryzen 1800x and RX Vega 64 here. So anyway I can help with this feel free to ask.

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i mean to create the tutorial/knowledge base using github versioning and merge request system, we can add it on our wiki to provide that info for arch and based systems, it will be hard to do this general for all linux systems… but others can get the knowledge to do the same for other linux systems…


More or less the only difference would be package naming anyway, principles stand across the board, at least how i tend to formulate them :upside_down_face:

I think you’re right, although i need to sit for some time on that idea :wink:

There’s still a lot trapped inside my skull + i think i’d try to use resources of our great community here soon too, to see how it goes, there’s a lot of demand to help :partying_face:

Some of us here have even whole hardware farms available from work / personal collections :enos:


and EndeavourOS teams do like your idea also that much they will play that game all night long with you :video_game:


Just thought I’d add:

Very useful overclocking tool for nvidia owners.


Indeed, great tool and much more than just OC!

But overclocking is another huge topic on itself, i think it deserves separate guide & wiki with all kinds of disclaimers and measures to avoid :fire: :laughing:

Perhaps someone who have experience in GPU OC should write it for both Nvidia / AMD, personally i like to keep GPU on stock :slight_smile: (well…easy for me to say with Titan X :sweat_smile:)


I have a fair bit of experience with overclocking, as I’m a bit of a hardware nerd and always like to have the latest and greatest and then push it to the limit. But my overclocking experience of that past few years has existed solely of AMD Zen-based CPUs, and Nvidia GPUs. GreenWIthEnvy is pretty much the go-to application for nvidia GPU overclocking and fan control. It’s extremely easy to use once set-up, you just have to be careful to not raise core and memory clocks too high, because it will let you set them both insanely high.

If anyone is using a nvidia GPU, one thing I can confidently recommend is at least using GreenWithEnvy to raise the stock power limit. Nvidia uses a GPU boost algorithm to boost the GPU clock speed based upon three factors: Power, Voltage, and Thermals. By raising the power limit, the GPU will be able to pull more power, and as long as there is thermal headroom, will raise the clock speed in turn. It’s an easy setting to enable, and you don’t have to worry about manually overclocking unless you want even more gains.


That’s mostly useful for mainline laptops, which are a lot of time hardcore capped…But watch out for temps though - cooling have to be good :slight_smile:

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Yes, absolutely, laptops can be a different beast altogether where thermals are concerned.


Very good news on this front:


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Wine 5.16 Released


Bugs fixed in 5.16 (total 21):
21150 Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio 4.x crashes when creating a new project (ieframe ‘IOleObject::Advise’ is a stub)
24320 Cisco Quick VPN Client (QVPN) v1.4.x tool ‘DetectEnvStatus.exe’ crashes
37913 Inconsistent rounding behaviour for sprintf
39712 AirDC++: Crash after finishing setup wizard
39881 d3dx9_36/tests/mesh.ok: failed on line 4145 Test text
44200 Quake Champions Instant Crash To Desktop (Steam)
46350 Armored Warfare mouse stutter
46994 Firefox doesn’t load pages
47570 Builtin Split function not implemented (needed by FotoBizX Installer)
49400 Multiple Windows 10 applications need IsWow64Process2 to determine real OS architecture (ex: detect WOW64 on ARM64)
49564 Tomb Raider I (using DosBox) hangs after starting
49631 Wine does not fill in Vulkan device LUID property when running in Virtual Desktop
49648 Still Life hangs when player starts moving
49698 Unwinding with a PE based ntdll.dll fails in some cases
49712 Magic: The Gathering Arena fails to connect to server 49716 Toontown Corporate Clash’s Windows Installer crashes inside IsWow64Process2
49718 ABZU broken with math functions from musl
49719 The Bat! v9.2.2.3: The 32bit version and the 64bit version crashed after startup
49728 Appear (a 4K rendering demo) crashes on unimplemented function user32.dll.SetWindowFullScreenState
49730 Number formatting broken with “nl_NL.UTF-8” (for msmoney)
49746 crash when virtual debug channel is enabled


Would love to see a guide on this. I feel like the fan doesn’t kick up as hard as it does in Windows, and the GPU (960m) just doesn’t perform as well. Would be great to get a little more out of it.