Linux Drawing Pad?

Hi Friends,

I am not sure where to put this question so here it goes.

Any suggestions on Linux drawing pads that would work with EOS?

I was looking at this pad HERE.

Any suggestions or if you had any experiences with Linux drawing pads, I’m open to read how they worked for you. :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to save up until you can afford one with a screen.

It is much more natural to draw when you can see what is happening beneath the pen.

I have the exact same pad that you shared. It works pretty well on Linux. Just use the instructions written here.

I would suggest Wacom as they are supported but they aren’t cheap.

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I had no problems getting two HUION tablets to work on Arch. See instructions here.

Alternatively, the official huion tablet drivers are in the AUR (huiontablet). I don’t have any experience with these but the package also seems to get the job done.

Overall, my experience has been only positive with these extremely cheap drawing tablets.

i disagree, I have been using drawing tablets from a range of huion, xp-pen and wacom up to the point where i ended up with a huion drawing screen (GT-191V2).
on one note, they are nice to use and very handy as some can work as another monitor if you’re not drawing, on the other note it is expensive enough to purchase right away without getting a feel of digital art in the first place. especially if it’s just people looking to try out new hobbies. The drawing tablets by their own work just fine, will take a bit of adjustment but not much different than adjusting to a mouse - but with better control. the cheapest screen tablet would easily be around $150 whereas drawing pads themselves can be had for $10-30 (huion / xp pen) and you can start right away learning to get a feel whether you want to invest on a screen tablet or not.

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they work pretty well usually huion / wacom ones are well supported with linux generally.
the screen tablets are the only ones you have to do a bit of work with xrandr if you’re not on KDE.

I have the Huion 610 Pro V2 and it runs like a champ on Endeavor. Ditto for MX, Mint, Fedora, and Windoze. The buttons on the left side of the 610 are preconfigured for Adobe Photoshop (I think), but I don’t use them, so I don’t care. The AUR has a nice Huion driver package which I used on Endeavour, but I had basic functionality even before I installed the driver package.

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