Link to forum post not working in

Over at:

in this text

If wayland does not start properly and x11 works as expected, check your ~/.bash_profile file. If it contains contains command exec startx, remove that line (and the surrounding statement). See this forum thread.

The link does not work:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

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Where did you get this link from? Typically links to forum threads end with a number.

E.g. Link to forum post not working in

seems like there is a broken link in the
@manuel or @joekamprad would need to fix that

@SemLraug by the way, that is the actual source:

gitlab is just a mirror of the github repo’s

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Thank you, i know, but clicking on the “news” button in the welcome app brought me to this place. And as many new users will be using the welcome app, i wanted to prevent that they would be confronted with a dead link.

The link in in the file.

will be the Thread, seems the title name was changed …

thanks for tagging !

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