Lighten Up eos


im asking you how to lighten Up eos Just like Arch. Just Pacman a xfce or plasma DE and a Graphic installation. Nothing Elsfe and Not less. How can i do that? Thank you.

Do you mean by using light themes or something?

I assume he is talking about light like in light weight. That means minimal installation with one desktop environment.
But to be honest I don’t see how one could reduce the amount of packages installed more than it is done with the actual installation. It already is very light weight.

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OH I see.

So there are a few things you can do to make it more lightweight.

I made a post about awesome Window manager Has anyone used AwesomeWM?

And there was this particular guy who said he removed certain things from runing in the background and therefore he made it even more light weight.

Just becareful not to brick your system in the process, also use a window manager instead of a DE as that uses less RAM.

There are ways to make it more lightweight as mentioned above

I think they are talking about an install with a minimal package set installed. In other words, a plain DE install with no apps.

Oh my mistake, well i guess in that case the OP can either chose NOT to install the core packages during the installation process, or you could just install ArchLabs as they have an architecture installer which gives you more control over what packages you want to install or not.

Yes exactly. So how could i get to this? How can i remove all kind of things? sudo pacman -R? Manually to do is a bit exhausting?

Why not install ArchLabs instead and use their architecture installer so you don’t end up with addtional software?

pacman -R will accept a list so you can pretty easily remove the apps all at once. Just take a spin through the menus and add the packages you don’t want to the list. EOS is decently light already so I wouldn’t think that would take too long.

For example:

sudo pacman -Runs firefox gwenview okular ark kate kvantum-qt5

I will try it now, but if this isn’t something for me i will have a second plan.

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I haven’t tried it, but I thought there was a way to choose just the core packages installed and then manually install a WM/DE with no extras. Am I wrong? :thinking:

edit: just re-read the wiki and it seems you can unselect unneeded packages if you’re doing online install. If that’s what you meant.


Thank you @Tasia91
I installed archlabs linux, it makes hardly a difference to endeavouros without any additional packages or software except of KDE Plasma. I guess it’s KDE Plasma, XFCE or another DE what brings other software with it. But now as i know, i accept my failure and continue with endeavouros.

KDE, Gnome, XFCE, etc. bring a lot of packages along. That’s why they’re complete DEs. If you want just a Window Manager (WM) without anything else, take i3wm or Openbox.
But be aware that a lot of things will not work as you’re used to because of missing packages.
You could for example uninstall XFCE with:

sudo pacman -Rd --nodeps xfce4 xfce4-goodies

and install a window manager like Openbox or i3wm and build on top of that.

If you are using pacman, you can choose which packages you want to install. I guess some of them are more important than others.

What won’t work as expected with a wm alone? I completely uninstalled xfce and am running vanilla i3-wm as my daily driver. Never had a problem with that…

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No Filemanager (Thunar, PCManFM) - probably mounting external drives manually (as far as I remember)
No feh/nitrogen - no wallpaper
No lxappearance or xfce-settings - edit your config-file
Energy-saving-settings, lockscreen, …
All these little helpers and programms are not part of i3wm. So it’s kinda how you define vanilla.
Did you remove XFCE completely, inclusive the goodies?

Got it, I misunderstood your previous message, I thought that you wanted to say that it’s almost unusable without a DE. Of course, additional things have to be installed manually, but one the bright side you are not locked in a particular ecosystem and can choose the tools that suit you best. By vanilla I meant that it’s a plain i3-wm with just a little bit customized config. I do use goodies :slightly_smiling_face: I reinstalled only ristretto and parole from xfce and use caja(mate) and gnome-keyring(gnome), maybe some other minor things from other DE’s as well that I don’t remember off the top of my head.

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Sounds like a nice setup. And of course you don’t need a complete DE, the less the better. :smiley:
It takes a little more work to get everything working how you want it, but when it does… makes your day.

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I decided to stay with endeavouros, after i made contact with archlabs. I guess it should be ok like this how it goes.