🔍 LibreX - Framework and javascript free privacy respecting meta search engine

:exclamation: This post is solely informative. As always, do your own research and use at your discretion!

LibreX gives you results from Google, Qwant, Ahmia and popular torrent sites without spying on
you. LibreX doesn’t save any type of data about the user, there are no logs, no caches.


Cool feature: built-in “libredirect” function.

The result of the search words are directly shown with the links to their corresponding libre alternative when relevant:

YT >> Invidious
Twitter >> Nitter

No need for extra by-mozilla-non-monitored-on-specific-sites-prohibited addons :rofl:

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Thanks for pointing to. Seems like this is an excellent search engine.

Well, I hope so.
I guess using someone else’s instance might be an issue if a “malicious agent” runs the instance.
With my limited test, I can say that I am pleasantly impressed so far.
I think it is definitely worth to keep an eye on.

Unfortunately you do not know that beforehand. Best to use the official instances from the github site.

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Best is running your own instance for yourself…that is - if you trust yourself!


P.S. I wouldn’t trust a feakin’ :clown_face: !

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I don’t have the knowledge for such things…I prefer to believe a clown :clown_face:

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It’s easy, as long as you have some spare server space…Just as is, or even via docker.

Actually for yourself you can just run it locally, like a proper :clown_face:

That looks really quiet easy… i will have look at it

You can call me Clown then :clown_face: