LibreWolf to Floorp?

If it can be useful, I would like to point out waterfox.
I am testing it these days and behaves very well …

Oh there’s plenty to say about Mozilla, they’re certainly not your friend.
The only reason to use it - is FOSS code, which you can change all of their :ox: :poop: , if you don’t like what they do, and there’s plenty not to like.

I used waterfox before jumping onto LibreWolf and I hated it because I had sync issues right off the rip. I think I only used it for 2 hours before deciding, “to hell with this broken one man developer fork”.

I would advice strongly anyone from trusting the same devs that did all this before:

There’s 0 reason to believe they won’t sell you down the road again.


It’s totally a flop! :sweat_smile:


False-security projects are a mainstay on the internet.

They have always been right here with us, with few people able to improve their page rank to get a criticism to rise to the surface that might contradict them

Surprisingly, the best browser experience I’ve had thus far is with ‘ungoogled-chromium’. This browser ticks all the boxes. The only reason I want to use a Firefox based browser is just to support a non chromium based browser, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, ‘ungoogled-chromium’ is truly the best IMO.

I am increasingly becoming more irritated with LibreWolf breaking websites, so I’m looking for an alternative, and I keep hearing about Floorp. Has anyone made this same switch for the same reason and found it to have been a good move?

I use uBlock Origin, cookie autodelete extensions anyway with a Pi-Hole network blocker, so I’m feeling like LibreWolf’s privacy features may be redundant for me.

If you use Floorp, please tell me what you can about it in terms of using it as a daily driver. Thanks!

You should use plain old firefox, and understand, that a handful of products and service providers make up the bulk of the internet now. If you want to secure yourself, or guard your privacy against strangers, you should get used to operating in an environment that doesn’t blind you to the reality of the situation, and instead forces you to confront it.

A while back, I did a comparison between chromium and ungoogled-chromium as to where they connect to upon launch on an out-of-the-box profile:

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That’s a very significant difference. It’s comforting to see that the ‘ungoogled’ part of their name is sincere.

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That’s right, and everything else you do on the internet is a fallback mechanism for organizations that want to track you.

If you want real security you can’t use such a narrow scope. You would have to look at the situation comprehensively.

I’ve started using google dns for example, and have experienced that now using the internet is 100% faster. Because every single website is integrated into google.
It can’t be escaped by wishful thinking.

Good to know, thank you.
I provide for the removal :rofl:

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I’ve been using floorp for awhile now and it’s brilliant. It’s very stable and has additional features that I personally like that are unavailable in bog standard Firefox. The one thing I had reported to devs got a response very quickly.

Oddly, I’ve had fewer sites break with Floorp than Firefox. I’m very happy with it. In particular, I really like the combination of the Floorp workspaces with Firefox containers plug-in enables me to separate services and reduce tracking. This is particularly helpful as I have to use services from several major corps for a client of mine.

Give it a try.

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If you’re interested you could look into how to use user.js file in Firefox. I personally used many forms of hardening in the past, but have settled on what works for me rather than “this is more/most secure”. Most of my changes were similar enough to Yokoffing’s Betterfox, that i just fork that user.js, and I simply add my own preferences and customizations on top of that.

In the about:config you can even pre-customize your settings you normally tick on/off within the UI itself. So I just copy-paste the profiles user.js once with an update of my own every once in a very long while.

Might be worth looking into. And if you feel like trying out floorp, Betterfox is also available for use within its settings somewhere, like a couple of other user profiles for Firefox. They were kind of enough to make a UI for it.

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You should use Cloudflare DNS as it is literally everywhere, as far as Google can’t reach. :joy:

floorp is pretty. I used it for a while. these japanese guys set out to make Firefox look like the coolest version of Chrome you ever saw with rounded corners, shiny stuff, stacked vertical tabs, bells whistles.
but even floorp’s creator say they did not make privacy-conscious browser.
I think you’d be a fool to discard Librewolf. it’s really a great version of FF. It’s track record is remarkable for privacy.
If you don’t have the wherewithal to make FF a fortress, then librewolf is the next best thing. Mullvad supposedly too.
I don’t have the breaking problem you do, anywhere. I let umatrix do that:).
2 cents

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I’ll vouch for Mullvad, I really enjoyed my time with it.


Ahh…they are totally different.

  • Librewolf is based on normal Firefox and is hardened for privacy and security
  • Floorp is based on Firefox ESR and has additional usability enhancements

I don’t really see them as alternatives. Privacy and security hardening will cause certain sites to break. However, if you don’t care about that extra security and privacy, there is no reason to use Librewolf in the first place.

Floorp has some cool usability features added.

It depends what you are looking for in a browser.


Librewolf doesn’t have that Pocket crap, that’s the best thing about it.

Also, the fact it breaks some websites is a big plus in my opinion. I also use uMatrix to break even more websites. I block almost all JavaScript. I can’t even watch a video in a browser. I love it! :green_heart:

Browser is for reading websites. It’s not for multimedia crap.