Librewolf recommendations...?

I cannot decide which version of Librewolf to install: librewolf or librewolf-bin, both from the AUR. I see that they are both from the same maintainer. Which version have users here installed, and why that version? I’d like to install the one I think is best but I can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated.

Also I think this topic may be a good place for people to share their ideas on settings and add-ons for Librewolf. :smile:

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I’m running AppImage. I like them!


Answer to your question is here:

In case you don’t want to compile for hours use -bin


librewolf is the from-source version, you’ll need to compile it.

librewolf-bin is the from-binary version, that one is pre-compiled by the upstream project. If you trust they haven’t altered the source code then it can save you some time.

All AUR packages follow the same naming conventions, so any -bin package will use a pre-compiled binary, and -git packages pick the latest version from the development source tree (and so you need to update them regularly yourself, while keeping in mind that they might break at any time).


Thanks for the replies folks. I am now more enlightened than before. I think I will use the binary package for now and see what I think of it. On “paper” Librewolf seems like the best thing in browser-land for a long time. :grinning:


I like LibreWolf but I like to do everything myself if I can. Most things can be done on regular Firefox. It gets a little fiddling with Firefox unfortunately. But with user.js you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Yeah, the convenience is good. I do tweak Firefox, but sometimes they add or remove things with a new version and I don’t always notice the changes.

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True! But I usually run Firefox ESR. It lasts 1 year or so. I don’t need all the new things that come into the browsers.