Libreoffice 7 Find Bugs?

Hi all,

I updated to LO7 from the official repository, and I don’t know if it’s me or if there’s something seriously wrong with the Find (Ctrl-F) function.

When I open a doc/docx file and search for a word in the text with Ctrl-F, the search bar opens at the bottom as usual, but the following weird things happen:

  1. Unless I press Enter after typing the search term, nothing at all happens, meaning no search and highlighting is done; if I press Enter, the first match is highlighted
  2. The Find Next and Find Previous buttons don’t work at all; pressing them does nothing. I need to press F3 for this
  3. The Find & Replace button, also on the search bar, does nothing at all; I need to manually press Ctrl-H for it to work
  4. Clicking on the leftmost red X button (Close Find Bar) does absolutely nothing

Any comment? Thanks
(and sorry if I’m in the wrong subforum… new EndeavourOS user and loving it)

my writer dont start :slight_smile: i dont know why i also dont use the regular gtk3 package , but calc does work here…

@Bojo: Regarding your point 1 that is the same on my end, I have to hit Enter for the first match to be highlighted. There is a Find All button that highlights all matches.

Regarding your points 2, 3 and 4, everything is working fine on my end. :man_shrugging:

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I can confirm what @Kresimir wrote. For 1) I have the same, all other points work on my machine.

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With me LO 7 runs as I am used to it. So far no abnormalities. It now starts a bit faster.

after removal old libreoffice config writer going to start :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried that but the problem is still there


Same for me as @Kresimir wrote: I need to hit Enter for the first find but all the rest works fine.(And I like the Find All option… I don’t remember it was on the previous version but I may be wrong).

search & replace does work but not a consitent factor, atleast docx handling is a bit better, atleast on the level of google-docs.

There was an update to LO just now in the repos; was hoping it would fix this problem but no joy.

Anyway, thanks for all the answers!

libreoffice-fresh  7.0.0-1       ->  7.0.0-2       133,35 MiB

Yes, thank you. I already have the latest version.

I can replicate these issues with a Word .doc from 2010 (~1600 words with a logo). The next/previous match buttons do work, but they are very unreliable (e.g. they either take a long time to respond or need a lot of clicks…).

(Not sure if this might be down to the old config files… need to test)

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With today’s update to 7.0.1, it seems this bug has been fixed.

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I have a bug with LibreOffice and my Plasma. I have try various themes, but could not resolve.
The FONTS dropbox is white on white, apart the actual font where the cursor is.
Any idea ?


Try to set Adwaita-dark for GTK theme, if it behaves same - report to Libre Office, if it happens just for Breeze dark theme - report to KDE :upside_down_face:


That exactly the themes I have test first :innocent:… and still issues with Adwaita-dark, even after login out and in. Will report to Libre Office. Thanks for the advice.


I can confirm, I have the same issue with white text on white background. :+1: