Latte Dock dev bids farewell

This doesn’t mean Qt. It means I can’t remember, and I’m not able to search the correct detail. If you know the issue, you should be able to add more, not just argue. WTF? If you think I troll, be clear. Or… let me be…

Maybe you’re thinking of QML and Qt-Quick ?

Bad news since i use latte dock

If I have a maximised window, I don’t want any panel visible, as that goes contrary to the whole concept of maximisation. It’s not maximised if it shares the screen with some panel.

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Nah it doesn’t, what you’re describing is fullscreen, maximization should include panel (well in case one choose not to with self-hiding panels and all that jazz)

There are many valid reasons to have window maximized and still having panel visible :upside_down_face:

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What does the word “maximise” mean? Can you look up the definition?


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It’s not linguist club, it’s computer jargon club! :rofl:

P.S. I’d like to clownize my windows :thinking:

thats what fullscreen mode is for. I need the panel visible when maximizing windows.


Aren’t you satisfied by wobbly windows?

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Hey! How do you know my windows are wobbly?! :male_detective:


I don’t. I just assumed you knew what wobbly windows are.
PS. I hae a strong urge to send a screenshot of Windows (the OS) with a clown background.

No no no, you’re burnt mr. federal agent! :rofl: