Laptops in 2024

The last laptop I owned was close to twenty years ago. I’ve always preferred a static “desk and workstation” since my travelling days working abroad came to an end.

While it’s not going to be a Windows OS laptop, I need something dependable, reliable, and relatively simple to get used to. The last time I used a Mac was circa 1994, so again it’s been a while, but I’m debating whether to get the M1 version of the Macbook Air, just the basic model. For light occasional use, email and openoffice docs, I’d love to hear if anyone’s had an experience with them that’s favourable.

All my documents site on a Synology NAS currently, synced across my Linux boxes via bash script. I don’t think there’s any issue with NFS/SMB connectivity, but primary consideration is that it lasts and has decent support. Fully appreciate Apple’s very much a walled garden, but the hardware spec and performance/battery life seem to be exceptional for the M1 chips.

With apple m1, you’ll be a lot more limited in Linux stuff. It’s getting better, but it’s not like on most x86 laptops.

I’m a sucker for Thinkpad, but I’ve heard really good things about Tuxedobook. For me, a good laptop keyboard is key to everything.

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The Thinkbook is a good deal. Not sure if it’s on for this price in your area.

Edit: Obviously i would get the doorbuster version. It’s way better Cpu and backlit keyboard and bigger drive and more memory.


If you look for utter sustainability, upgradability, customizability and have :moneybag::moneybag: to spend:


I like the framework but man… price it out and see. It’s not cheap!

Edit: I would go sysytem76 Pangolin.

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No, they are not cheap but in terms of customizability and upgradability, it seems that no other alternatives come even close at the moment. But yeah, it comes at a cost.


if you no mind Fedora + few thing no work YET!! (no a deal breaker) M1/M2 Air no bad…

yes you can use few different distro on M1/M2 Mac, Fedora best ATM ( on Metal )

" "

i use linux on M2 every day ( i use write this ) ARM is my interest + think future :wink: :popcorn:

my use is VM in Parallels (paid but best on hardwear) Why limit your self to 1 linux distro :blush: I use Arch,Endeavouros,Debian,OpenSuse+Fedora…

but can use free VM if you no want to pay ( Parallels do free option as well )

Also i big believe in use best tool for job … Can no beat lite, SILENT!! + fantastic battery life.

this just My opinion :+1:

EDit Dont get just 8GM if you can afford + also no get base 256 storage if get M2

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I don’t like Clevo laptops. They are way too expensive for re branded laptops. I’m interested when Virgo is finally finished though. I really like system 76 and even Pop OS.

I’m very excited for them to finish COSMIC as well.

I think the Pangolin is a nice laptop and is okay. Not saying it’s the best option but it is an option. I have already 2 Lenovo Ryzen with 5500U and an HP Ryzen with 4700U. They are already getting older in terms of hardware but they work great. Depends on your budget i guess and what you like. We all have different likes and or wants based on our own experiences with certain brands etc. I’ve not owned any system76 but it would be an option for me to try. I have enough hardware to last a life time so i don’t think I’ll be getting anything too soon anyway. :rofl:

That’s kind of where I’m at unless I find a laptop with a better keyboard than my current Thinkpad; with no Pluton on top of it.

I’ve been looking at a t480 instead if my t480s, but that’s about it right now. Pretty much everything post Intel 10 and Ryzen 5000 series is at a no touch stand still until things change with Microsoft.

There’s currently 0 laptops I would purchase or recommend to anyone with new hardware on the market.

I agree and I’m more of a desktop user anyway. I usually only go for 14" laptops as i don’t like great big ones. The largest i would ever get would be 16" i think. I’ve seen some new lenovo I like in that size. My issue is a lot come with touch screen which i don’t want either necessarily!

And that’s the thing, - cost ramps up exponentially for some choices, whether that’s Mac, FrameWork, System76 etc. Lenovo/IBM are great for Linux, but needing something solidly dependable (immutable?), it’s absolutely the primary consideration. I can tinker away on two other rigs running Linux, a legacy i6700k and a current 7800X3D + 6700XT. I’m a firm believer in the right tool for the right job, but really appreciate everyone’s suggestions, some really great places to start looking!

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I recommended the Lenovo Thinkbook because at times they have them on for a really good price and that’s the time to buy them. I have one also. You have to watch their site and see when they are almost 50% discounted.

Edit: Also their warranty is top notch. I have a K14 that i returned because it was losing battery power when turned off. The first time they replaced the motherboard and battery. When i got it back i wasn’t fully satisfied that it was still doing the same losing power when off. I also felt originally when i first got it that it was consuming too much battery while on also. So i sent it back a second time and now it’s fixed and battery is good. It seems that this usb charging always on was the problem the second time around as they couldn’t find any other problem. This is a setting in lenovo’s software that comes on the laptop. Of course it comes with Windows. So i was dual booting originally with EndeavourOS. I also had it installed with just EndeavourOS and found it was using battery too fast. Anyway it’s good now and they looked after all the shipping and return no cost to me.


About the Lenovo motherboard firmware, how often do they update it? And do you know (yet) how long time they update the firmware?

I have updated my Thinkbook numerous times since i got it and also the K14 has a had a few also. I can’t remember exactly but i think 3 or 4 times. I’m going to check the K14 right now again. I last updated it on Jan 4/2024. They give you the option to save the results each time but i usually delete them. Currently there are no updates for the K14. This is a newer product that is commercial with Windows 11 Pro. I’m sure it’s about 4x in the time I’ve had it which is over a yr now. It has a 3 yr warranty also.

Edit: The Thinkbook i have only had a one year warranty. I like it also because it has the backlit keyboard.

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I also have a Thinkbook as my work computer they gave me, and the quality is just not great. I’ve usually had ThinkPads and it’s not even comparable. The build quality is so bad comparatively I don’t know I could recommend them unless it’s insanely cheap, and even then I’d suggest an older Thinkpad.

The plastic feel, the keyboard is just mush. Even for cheap, they feel cheap in my experience.

That being said, it’s not a bad laptop, but with an insane abundance of choice, why bother?

+1 for the 14" form. For laptop/travel use, it’s like the perfect size I think. It’s fantastic.

If I woke up tomorrow and literally everything I own was completely dead and gone.

I’d buy a good t480 or t480s on eBay and start over.

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It’s frequent enough on Thinkpad, and I don’t have to do anything special, it’s automatic in fwupd.

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I have a newer thinkpad and the plastic is okay for me. I don’t think the build quality is bad. :man_shrugging: The next gen ones are even better. I don’t have a Thinkpad to compare it to anyway so i can’t really say a Thinkpad is better. The keyboard is fine and it has backlighting that you can turn on and off if you want at anytime. It’s not a touchscreen and it was insanely cheap at the time. It was like 58% off. It’s also a Ryzen with AMD graphics. I’m sure a t480 is great but this one is fine and i have no reservations recommending it for someone looking for a decent laptop that works on linux without issue and is a reasonable price most of the time. We can always look at many different laptops and manufacturers but for me it boils down to specs, looks and price. I don’t necessarily want a used one either because this one was cheap enough in price to get new and have warranty. Not that there is anything wrong with a used one or so called reconditioned. Depends what you want and what your budget allows. Everyone has a different idea of what they like, want and where there budget falls.

couldnt agree more. The ones we got were very cheap but trackpads not functioning properly, overall very slow performance, cheap built in comparison to thinkpads. Not that great, maybe ok for students. (that was ~2yrs ago)

edit: but I reckon that there are already a couple of newer generations, maybe improved by now.

System76 we also got problems with trackpads and ventilation. Their support is top notch but the clevo have problems.

I got an LG gram and it works great, 15 inch very light with linux no problems. Good built quality, robust enough for travel, a bit cheaper built than thinkpads but better than thinkbooks.