Language interface issue on the emojies?

Yeah i’ve noticed that some smileys sometimes for some reason language oriented…not cool :upside_down_face:

In theory emojis should be universal and language independent, looks like bug to me

it does not happen if i set the interface to the german… the way it is only french?

Not sure, i think i’ve seen some other language around forum too, but don’t remember exactly…
Some asian language i think, but that would be problem to check for non-speaker :laughing:


So it’s not showing only when on message, but picker is fine?

Is this in the reply field or the emoji reacting icon (retort)?

it is… and i can not replicate…

I can’t either, I have French interface enabled now.

That’s some puzzle… :thinking:

@JR29 could you add a smile here :wink: and what language do you set on the forum?

:smile: with interface english/US

:smile: with interface french

it seems only affecting the ones under a post you can add, as already cleared above…

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Check @Sojiro84 emoji to post here

It’s just


At least for me when my interface is English

It is weird. Here I see all the Emojis, but when I choose a Emoji, it ends up as a blank square.


I picked the head-explode emoji there. I am using the default English language.

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That’s weird idea, but just to try - can you disable country flag near your name, and try to use that head exploding Emoji again on this post please?

Alas, no dice.

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Ok @joekamprad now you have to figure out what’s so different in @Sojiro84 compared to me for example which triggers that stupid bug :joy:

I’m out of ideas for now

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echo ${kafkatrapping} > /dev/null

you inject blackheadhackercode :wink:

the only difference i see is that @Sojiro84 has location text…


What does that mean? Location text? A browser setting of mine or something I set in the forum software?