Laggy touchpad on kernel 6.1.1-1

After upgrading to kernel 6.1.1-1, I’ve noticed that the touchpad on my Thinkpad X1E Gen 3 seems to have choppier movements, as if it is updating at half rate. I’ve also noticed that in my snapshot with kernel 6.0.12, xinput and libinput call my touchpad “SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad”, and my 6.1.1 snapshot calls it “Synaptics TM3625-010”. The output of xinput list-props in both cases seems to be identical apart from the names of the devices and the ids of the properties. Attempting to change the mouse polling rate doesn’t seem to affect anything at all.

My DE is Gnome, and I’ve tested this with a btrfs snapshot from before the update, with an up-to-date system, and with an up-to-date system with the linux and linux-headers packages downgraded. In all cases, the newer kernel has choppier input and a different device name.

What is your hardware? Can you post the link from this command?

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Thanks. Is this happening after resuming from suspend. How does it react on a clean boot? Have you tried this kernel parameter? Are you using grub to boot?


It happens on both a clean boot and resume from suspend. Interestingly, right after I saw your message and opened my laptop again, it seemed to be even choppier, like 1/4 rate, but I can’t reproduce this by opening and shutting it again. That kernel parameter doesn’t seem to change anything.

Are you booting with grub? If you added the kernel parameter to the default grub command you also have to update grub with sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Or are you using systemd boot?

Sorry, yes, I am booting with grub. I did remake the config as well.

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Can you try to disable the device, and then re-enable it?

xinput --disable <device_id>

xinput --enable <device_id>

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This may or may not work. Normally it’s intended for graphic anomalies or flickering with Intel but can be laggy also i think.

Are you thinking maybe it reset the device?

Doesn’t seem to change anything.

What if you reset the mouse driver?

Run sudo modprobe -r psmouse

And then sudo modprobe psmouse

If this doesn’t work, test your system with the LTS kernel.


Something is wrong here. In my experience, the device usually don’t behave properly when this happens.

The modprobe commands change nothing about the choppiness.

By “something is wrong here”, do you mean that device name specifically, or something else?

I’ll work on installing the LTS Kernel next. Is it meaningfully different from just being an older version of the mainline kernel? Because my touchpad behaves normally when I downgrade the kernel to 6.0.12.

Why don’t you just downgrade and leave for now. I’m sure the lts kernel will work but if the 6.12 works?

Did you check dmesg for any info?

Just got LTS installed, and it has the same behavior as 6.0.12.

Checked dmesg on the non-LTS kernel and I do notice a line saying i915: unknown parameter 'prs_enabled' ignored. Is there anything else specifically that I should be loooking for there?

So you can remove that kernel parameter and update grub that you tried since it didn’t work so it’s unnecessary.

Did you check this file? Here the device is identified so maybe you can change it there?


Edit: This file is created by synaptics. Synaptics is installed by installing xf86-input-synaptics
Maybe you should remove xf86-input-synaptics because it is supposed to use libinput.

Edit: Or maybe you don’t even have that package installed anyway.

Your touchpad should be detected as “SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad”, right? When you’re on LTS kernel.

I don’t actually have that file, should be creating it and putting something in there?

Yes, that’s the name on LTS.

I think we should be focusing on what transpired during the kernel upgrade. The touchpad is the same; the hardware didn’t change. It doesn’t make sense for the new kernel to detect a different device.