Killing duplicate processes when reloading BSPWM

Hello all, new to eOS and BSPWM.

I just installed eOS+BSPWM and upon reloading BSPWM after making one change to bspwmrc (bspc monitor config), I noticed there was an extra firewall-applet icon on my polybar… and another for each subsequent time it is reloaded.

This made me open htop to observe there being an increased number of processes running each time BSPWM is reloaded.

Surely others have noticed this. Does anyone have a list of processes that are duplicated each time BSPWM is reloaded so I can add a few “killall” commands to my autostart in bspwmrc in order to stop this from occuring? I tried killall’ing the obvious ones like dunst, nm-applet, etc, but there are more processes being invoked elsewhere such as firewall-applet. So, I was hoping someone had a basic list of things I can kill that is relevant to the vanilla install of eOS+BSPWM.


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While waiting for BSPWM people to arrive, you might want to have a look at:

Perhaps you could figure out one thing or other by yourself.

And welcome to EnOS’ forum!


BSPWM autostarts apps using its config file like simple bash commands, or sh scripts (IIRC is also using dex command to run XDG autostart .desktop entries).
You should also check systemctl --user list-units -t service, in case one of them is wrongly duplicated with bspwm reload.

What commands?
Just check all autostarted executables found above in htop, to see if they are cloned instead of restarted.

Also, do some research and reading on your own. It wouldn’t help you in the long run, if I told you a command to solve all issues. You have to own your bspwm yourself. That’s the idea. Else, get khronkite with Plasma and you are king :crown:

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