Firewall-applet loading in bspwn

It seems that firewall-applet is started via a .desktop entry, which is started by dex every time bspmrc is loaded. Who has the responsibility for not starting duplicates though? XDG, dex or firewall-applet itself?

The user. You can disable anyone of the autostart entries, using Hidden=true in a local autostart .desktop file with the same file name as a system file.

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So for a fresh install of the bspwm community edition, I am supposed to disable the firewall-applet autostart and start it myself? E. g. by putting pgrep firewall-applet || firewall-applet in my bsprc.

Suppose I was a member of this community that would like to do a change for this, for everyone else that would stumble upon this in the future, how would I go about it? And please @petsam, let someone else answer if all you can say is “figure it out yourself”.

This is where config is stored. Edit this; we’ll update package.

If you’re looking for the pkgbuild, its here, but since it should be updated only after we’re sure our configs are ok, you can leave this step on us.

Feel free to ask if you require help with the process.

Thanks for wanting to contribute :pray:


? Are you sure you are talking to me?
I think I didn’t tell you such thing. Instead I gave you info you should already know if you want to improve something.

Please, don’t advise when you know just breadcrumbs about how Linux works.
And bspwm is not for Linux newcomers.

Thanks for the information.

I am still a bit unsure how to best move forward with creating a fix for this in the bspwm CE (or possibly EndeavourOS in general).

AFAICT all of the autostarted applications ensure themselves that they do not start duplicates, e.g.:

❯ blueman-applet &
[1] 2346808

blueman-applet 08.05.22 WARNING  PluginManager:147 __load_plugin: Not loading PPPSupport because its conflict has higher priority
blueman-applet 08.05.22 WARNING  PluginManager:147 __load_plugin: Not loading DhcpClient because its conflict has higher priority

[1]  + 2346808 done       blueman-applet

Except for firewall-applet.

So far I have done the following to my own set-up:

echo 'pgrep firewall-applet &> /dev/null || firewall-applet' \
  > ~/.config/bspwm/scripts/
cat /etc/xdg/autostart/firewall-applet.desktop \
  | sed "s,/usr/bin/firewall-applet,sh /home/${USER}/.config/bspwm/scripts/," \
  > ~/.config/autostart/firewall-applet.desktop

in order to avoid duplicates for firewall-applet, while not messing with the base config.

I have this in my bspwmrc file i do not have the problem.

Kill if already running

killall -9 picom sxhkd dunst xfce4-power-manager ksuperkey eww caffeine firewall-applet

# Dex
killall firewall-applet #for stopping duplication
dex -a -s /etc/xdg/autostart/:~/.config/autostart/  &
# Picom

add the killall and it will resolve the issue

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