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Good morning everyone I’m new to Endeavour OS and I’m coming from Manjaro which tired me a bit! I am a differently abled person so I need to use the virtual keyboard and usually use onboard… As always I installed it with extreme ease but, it gives me a very serious problem: when the focus is in the writing field, She stays there stationary if I try to write through her keys the focus takes off going to the keyboard and from there we do not move anymore! I use kde and I must say that usually this problem has given it in the past with gnome, it could be the lack of some dependency but which one?

I thank everyone as of now!

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If you are on a fresh install of KDE you may check to reproduce on a X11 session … there are still a lot users reporting all kind of issues when using the new default Wayland session.

See also this post:


This sounds like maybe a Wayland issue as you said the same happens with GNOME which also defaults to this. If you try it under an X11 session does the same issue occur?
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