Kernel update

akm is :enos: Kenrel manager

sudo pacman -S akm

i am in kde. gnome software will work?

sudo pacman -S akm                                                                                                              1 ✘  3m 50s  
[sudo] password for hello-nahian: 
error: target not found: akm

Are you sure you’re on EndeavourOS? :upside_down_face:

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i will sift tomorrow 100% sure , i tried few days ago in virtualbox and i saw there is no gui kernel so i asked .

You should never use either of these to install or update software from the repos on an Arch-based distro.

They are both based on packagekit which supports no manual intervention. You can very easily end up with a broken system.

If you want a graphical package manager, use bauh, octopi or pamac

As above, there is. It is called akm and you can install it.



Can we see the output of inxi -Fxxxz

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can you tell me how to download EOS? right now

Wait a short while for the website to come back?

ok i will download tomorrow . another question is EOS and manjaro os based on arch , so both are stable but any difference ?

Take a look at this:


Website is down for maintenance for a little while.

Edit: Looks like it’s back online now!

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its back up now

This is it for anyone looking for a GUI updater.

From the downloads page on the website.

Yes. EOS is up to date. Manjaro is usually 1-4 weeks behind and uses a lot of their own packages. More in depth than that, check the thread Dalto posted.

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You can download the latest ISO now. The kernel automatically updates. This is a rolling release distro that is always updating. You can use the terminal to update or the welcome app has an update button on it. There is also a package you can install from welcome called akm to install & manage additional kernels such as lts and zen.

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A terminal-centric distro seems like a very strange choice for someone who wants a GUI to update his system.


In any case, opening a terminal and typing yay is not very difficult.


No need to write linux, the u option takes care of that. There is no need to reinstall the kernel.

To update just use

sudo pacman -Syu

or, shorter:


Not to mention the “more CUI-centric” option to simply call the Welcome app and update it from therein. Still a lot safer than any GUI app.
Let me repeat that GUIs serve a purpose to conveniently look for software & get an easy access to info about them.

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i am installing EOS for many reasons , top 1 is manjaro community kinda toxic / weird. EOS community always try to help me