Missing HOME folder

Running Endeavouros with 5.15.10-arch1-1 kernel. Everything is working fine.
DE: Plasma 5.23.4 in use.

Every time after updating getting warning that states that there is no HOME folder.
This kind of message is shown: “Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp.”.

I can of course create a HOME folder, but what else should I tell to the system as super user or root ?

Or is it simpliest way to install whole operating system by making new partitioning where “HOME”- partition is included ?

Advice needed :worried:

I think i better let @dalto answer that one. :wink:

How are you updating, which command?

What does the command

echo $HOME


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echo $HOME
This is shown in terminal.

I have used program called “Discover”.

I guess that is something wrong with Discover, which you actually should not use with Arch. @dalto nicely teached me this a while back :slight_smile:


For what is worth, on Arch (-based) systems, the use of GUI package manager with packagekit is not recommended. The process of installing/updating packages is not transparent and you would miss those cases where a user intervention is necessary.


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Terminal updates are by miles the best way to do them. I usually drop to try and update. It’s served me very well over the years.

+1 fit never using discover. That’s basically for Kubuntu.

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I have been following Youtuber called “Stephen’s Tech Talks”.
And, yes it was from video about Arch Linux where “Discover” was mentioned. I have done now terrible things. I’m going to remove whole “Discover” now.

Thank You folks for helping with this.
Learned again something.




That’s your problem. There is nothing wrong with your system, you’re just updating it wrongly. For some reason, Discover does not see the value of the HOME environment variable, that’s an issue with Discover.

To update your system, run the command:


There will be no errors about the missing HOME directory.


Ok, thank You for advice. I’m not going to use “Discover” with EndeavourOS.


I would probably stop watching videos from whomever made that, they clearly aren’t Arch/EOS users.

I’m sure you’re fine and likely kde won’t let you remove discover. Just don’t bother with it.

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I understood. Thank You for information.
I’ve been using “YAY” sometimes. Is it wrong to use “Paru” ?

Just asking.

Same thing… Both yay and paru are okay.

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You can use Paru if you’ve installed it.

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That’s ok. I 'm not going to use “Discover” anymore.

Installed " paru-bin 1.9.2-1 ".

you don’t really need Paru if you have yay. They do the same thing.

Found discussion about “Paru” from Youtuber called " DistroTube ".

One of the devs from yay has left the project, and wrote paru in another language. Both are reliable, and can handle it all. Both are updated regularly so far. yay is a bit easier to use (better defaults) but an alias or 2 can make that point moot. Choose what you like - we all do!