Keeping a portable DAC/AMP awake

So, I did end up getting a Fiio BTR5 a while ago and I’m super happy with it. It works as expected with bluetooth on my phone and laptop. Using it with USB on my PC is a different deal though. On the last release, the device would fall asleep and putting on any audio would make an ear damaging pop and pull the device awake automatically.

I reinstalled my system to the newest release for the fun of it (I’m seriously happy with how made easy Arch is with Endeavour). But on this release, as soon as audio stops, the device goes to sleep instantly and playing audio again wouldn’t wake it up – I’d have to manually change the output back from my monitor “speakers” to the DAC, while having audio playing already and it would still go into a loud pop.

So, is there a way to keep it awake? I’m using the default audio setup that’s in the latest release.


What power saving settings do you have active/enabled?

Everything’s the default. Screen blanking, etc. are all not working with Steam always in the background anyway.

Probably worded it poorly. This is strictly for my PC through USB, not the laptop.

I was thinking about USB power saving, e.g. if you use powertop or TLP.

PulseAudio will also suspend on idle: