Kdenlive needs CUDA package to use GPU acceleration

Did anyone also had such problem that the Kdenlive or any other software needed CUDA package to use GPU acceleration? It’s very strange for me, because basically any game, and for example Blender, are fine with just having a normal drivers.
I thought that the CUDA Package(https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/cuda/), like on Windows is needed only for the software development that needs CUDA Toolkit.

  • After installation of the CUDA Kdenlive is now able to use experimental GPU-accelerated presets, but I find it quite oddly that you need a 4gb package for this feature, where other software don’t need it.

Unfortunately at least on Arch there’s no distinction between CUDA Runtime and CUDA Toolkit…


Why is beyond me.

Still curious why then other software is able to use CUDA cores without it.
Though with Arch, I just heard that it’s in general an obsession with merging everything in a single package.
Which seems pretty when you’re looking at low packages count in neofetch, but lives you with less optionality to not install unneded packages.

Can you give an example?

I’m not sure it can fully utilize all functions…For example if you need to use CUDA for something heavy like GPU crypto-mining or password bruteforce - it’s always required…

In that case - definitely :rofl:

@dalto i wonder, is there any reasoning behind merging everything in single package in case of CUDA?

Blender for sure was able to render with CUDA option, without CUDA package.
And well, basically anything from the games and up to browser or OS itself are runnig on the CUDA cores, in Nvidia GPUs they’re a majority of the processing units, for example RTX 3060 has 3584 CUDA cores, 112 texture units, and 64 ROPs.

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Are you sure it was actually working?

I think that’s in blender for a reason:

Optional Deps   : cuda: cycles renderer cuda support

As far as my limited understanding of CUDA, using it for rendering in games is the most basic thing provided by drivers, however using advanced functions for calculations or stuff like video ecoding / decoding is another deal…

Yep, I tried it, I installed it as a .tar package from the Blender.org, so I have no idea why Blender from the Arch repository requires CUDA for it to work.

I am not familiar with that package but in most cases Arch doesn’t split up packages like that.

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