KDE | Wayland Session | Firefox 121.0 | After Upgrading from Firefox 120.01 I am unable to resize Firefox Windows when locked to the left or right of the screen

Hi Community,

I thought I might pop in here to confirm if anyone else is unable to resize Firefox version 121 in a Wayland session in KDE Plasma after locking it to the left of right side of the screen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sign into KDE Wayland Session.

  2. Upgrade from Firefox 120.0.1 (64 bit) to Firefox 121.0 in Arch Linux.

  3. Launch firefox.

  4. Use and left arrow to lock Firefox to the left side of the screen.

  5. Put mouse on edge\border of Firefox to open the re-size cursor.

Actual results:

  • In a KDE Wayland session, when Firefox is locked to the left or right side of the display no re-size cursor shows when putting the cursor on the border…

  • If you make Firefox free floating (no locked to left or right of the display) you will be able to see the cursor change to resize.

  • If you sign into Gnome 45 (Wayland Session) and lock Firefox to the left or right screen you are able to see the resize cursor.

  • If you sign into KDE (X11 Session) and lock Firefox to the left or right screen you are able to see the resize cursor.

Expected results:

If you sign into KDE (Wayland Session) and lock Firefox to the left or right screen you should be able to see the cursor change to resize mode and resize the size of Firefox.



OS: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64
Kernel: 6.1.69-1-lts
Shell: zsh 5.9
Resolution: 1920x1200
DE: Plasma 5.27.10
WM: kwin

Mozilla Bug I filed:

Wayland is the future!!111 ™


I just tried to reproduce this on GNOME 45 Wayland.
It seems to be working fine so I wonder if it is not a KDE Plasma Wayland issue?

Same behavior here, but for every application. Probably worth bringing up at KDE if you believe it doesn’t work as expected.

Hi Pebcak,

In the “Actual Results” section of the bug I also confirmed KDE X11, Gnome 45 Wayland / x11 resize in Firefox works correctly when locked to the left or right side of the screen.

I agree, seems to only affect Firefox 121 native install from Arch Repository(why i linked the Firefox bug). Firefox 120.01 native arch repo install resizes correctly.

Did not test Firefox Flatpak.

I tested other daily driver applications i use (e.g. Geany) and they resize correctly.

So really the hope is to see if others in the EndeavourOS Community with KDE Wayland can reproduce.Then I can add that to the bug.

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The issue only happens in Firefox 121 Arch Repo install on KDE Wayland for me.


  1. Can you run inxi -b in terminal to share your system details.

  2. What other applications could you not resize after locking to the left or right side of the screen?

  3. Can you share a screen shot of what your seeing?

  4. On the machine you were reproducing, does it have more then 1 monitor?

In my case all my testing was on the primary monitor.


Maybe you mean, Firefox QA better add this test case to their base testing?

I look at the bug and no one on their side has asked any questions. Only an automated response to re-categorize the bug. Not a good sign for their triage team.

Oh, scratch my posting. You mean resizing on the non-docked edge, yes that is working here on single or multi-monitor.

Edit: But also I use FF with the KDE titlebar. Without titlebar the resizing is indeed not working.


I just booted into a freshly installed Archlinux - KDE Plasman - Wayland system.
I can confirm @Schlaefer’s experience. Firefox without titlebar is indeed not resizable but with the titlebar it is.

The system being rather minimal, I don’t have many things installed on it yet. I just installed VLC and the resizing seems to be working there.


Thanks for testing. If you two have time, please add a comment to the bug with your environment details.

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Thank you sir.

Ah … very QA of you. Thank you Sir.

It happens with No-Titlebar.
I noticed that I can resize from the top window edge and the top window corner.

Even if KDE Wayland is survivable for every day work, it still feels awkward a lot.

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Embrace Wayland!!!1111


…or else!


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I agree, but priorities still rule my available time. :smiling_face:

Thanks for testing.

Is this a GTK bug? Because Qt apps are resizing fine and the only other app showing the same fault, (atleast on my system) are GTK apps like Blanket and Foliate.

Probably best to watch the Firefox bug to see what their findings are:

IMHO best not to create association unless we get someone who identifies a shared code base. That is why I open a bug with the project to get their feedback.