KDE Plasma Install Error on Pinebook Pro

This is a result of KDE putting the suffix 5 after a majority of the KDE / QT packages. So in this case
solid is now in Archlinux ARM packages as solid5. This broke all the installs.

After the suffix 5 situation, an extensive overhaul of Calamares was necessary for the Galileo edition.
Change to KDE Plasma from xfce4, etc.

The new ARM Galileo is completed. RPi-4b, Odroid N2, and Radxa ROCK 5B are all working.
Thus far, this is only for the ddimg images. The rootfs images are working and the finishing touches are being made to the rootfs installer that is run in the x86_64 liveISO welcome menu.This will be completed soon.

However, the PineBook Pro platform is not completed yet. I don’t have a PineBook Pro so there is no way the images can be tested. However, Thursday (two days from now) I should receive my PineBook Pro and will hopefully get the PineBook Pro images completed soon.

On that subject, I will be looking for PineBook Pro volunteers to help with testing. If interested, let me know.