KDE Plasma fails to load from sddm

KDE Plasma Wayland fails to boot to desktop.

At boot, SDDM successfully launches and I can login normally. However after login, KDE plasma doesnt show up. Instead three terminals show up instead (see picture).

Going to another tty and running the command thats run by sddm to start plasma works normally.

Launching Plasma using X11 fixes everything.

How do I go about fixing this?

Here are my following logs and system info:
System info: https://0x0.st/Xiah.txt
Boot log: https://0x0.st/XiaF.txt
Journalctl sddm grep: https://0x0.st/XiaC.txt

We all know the answer…



Gnome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


You are better off than me where plasma6 has screwed up my X11 and Wayland experience. plasma6 is under full turmoil mode and Arch decided to embrace it fully. My solution would to wait it out (for 6 months or whenever it stabilizes) using X11 or Wayland … whatever works best. (Or prepare an alternative DE … I chose sway for that).

If determined to piss into the wind with Wayland and plasma6, I’d disable session history if applicable (i.e., opt to start a new session each time since there seems to be some odd history messing up the startup), and if still broken, create a new panel (which for me has triggered plasma6 remembering my old panels, and if you get back the other panels, you can remove the new one).

Per my understanding, the plan is to drop X11 in mid-development of plasma6, and then I’d actually worry about making Wayland work if it is not.

Yeah. I decided to just switch to X11 and wait. I’m used to the scaling of Wayland. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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