KDE Plasma 6 is out in full! (and now on EOS! Yay! )

6.0.3 seems to have landed in the main repo:


Yep. Just updated my machine. 6.0.3 is present.

Yep … I got an Easter present. :grinning:


I’m 3 days into my reinstall of EndeavourOS with Plasma 6 on my NVIDIA gaming laptop. I updated to Plasma 6.0.3 yesterday, and I’ve just updated to QT 6.6.3 this morning. Everything for the Plasma Wayland session using NVIDIA’s proprietary drivers, and the settings outline in the NVIDIA Arch Wiki, have been running smoothly! I haven’t had any random Plasma shell crashes, the panel no longer locks up, native Linux games and Proton games on Steam no longer flicker wildly, and I no longer get artifacts all over my desktop when I resume from sleep. Great job Plasma development team, Arch/EndeavourOS developers, and my fellow Plasma 6 alpha/beta testers!

If you’re still having problems after upgrading your EndeavourOS Plasma 5 desktop to Plasma 6, you might still have a lot of Plasma 5 related junk installed on your system. Please read:

If you can spare the time, I suggest backing up your personal data, then doing a complete reinstall of EndeavourOS with an online install of Plasma 6.

For all of you (on other distributions) that are still on the fence about upgrading to Plasma 6, the transition is a lot smoother than you think. However, you have to take into account that you NEED to remove all Plasma 5 add-ons/modification, and return your Plasma desktop to default prior to upgrading.

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Out of curiosity, is there a good reason to wait for the new ISO with plasma 6 instead of using the current ISO with the online install?

I don’t believe it’s necessary to wait. The installer will install Kde Plasma up to date.


I think the updated ISO will have a slightly updated offline install of Plasma 6. Anyway, it’s best to do an online install so you can have the latest packages installed on your first boot, instead of having to immediately do an update after boot. Since the results will be the same when doing an online install with the current ISO versus an online install with the updated ISO, I see no logical reason to wait.


I installed EOS about a month ago. I’ve had no issues and the system is running buttery smooth. You could wait if you like, but it’s not necessary.

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I’ve actually been wondering about this myself, as I have considered reinstalling EOS onto a newer, much larger SSD (which I’ve recently purchased) on my laptop.

:+1::+1:; I’ll get started on this process ASAP.

I’ve got a few questions for those actively using Plasma:

Has your UX improved or lags, if any, been fixed after updating to 6.0.3?

If you’re using Qbittorrent, have the devs fixed an issue with the missing tray icon?

6.0.3 installed here (Arch installation though but should be the same on EOS, wayland compositor).

Qbittorrent tray icon is visible now since 6.0.3.

No real lag here except some issues with Freetube, rest no problem but I’m not a gamer so … gamers please let us know.
Nvid RTX-3060 proprietary driver in use and set as primary GPU.
System: 2021 Asus TUF A15 Ryzen 7 5800H 16Gb Ram

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Oh, nice to hear they’ve promptly addressed some bugs. QT 6.7 is on its way, should polish other compatibility issues.