KDE Plasma 5.27 is here

Everything seems to be working as normal with these newer updates. Fast, fluid, responsive… I was looking for the new tiling thing? Don’t know how to make it work.

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The OP links said this on the new tiling, looks to be Meta+T or Dragging with Shift

For those with a large monitor KWin has long been able to place one window on the left and one on the right. Now with Meta-T the quick tiling is launched allowing complete control of where your windows are placed. Drag windows with Shift pressed and it will stick to the tiled layout.

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Is that only if you have multi monitor?

no it should just be with any monitor as far as i can tell, Im trying to find the Flatpak Permissions in the settings which is a really cool settings feature that lets you skip using flatseal

EDIT: There is a new applications section for X11 Apps. It looks like its for X11 apps on wayland to read global shortcuts, this is a pretty great change for wayland


@ricklinux You can press meta+t to bring up a sort of menu that lets you choose how a window is tiled or when you drag the window holding shift you can drag it to where you want it tiled.

EDIT: i figured out why my logo hasnt worked, its part of the themeing package i never choose to install :sweat_smile:

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No it doesn’t work.

Edit: It brings up some ip weird stuff or depends on Window you have open what it does.

it was working for me, idk :man_shrugging:

Maybe i need something else installed?

Try reinstalling the plasma group from unstable, there are a few new packages in it like the flatpak permissions manager

I only have what EOS installs?

you might be missing something?

I installed with
sudo pacman -Syu plasma

with these being my other installed packages separate from any pulled dependencies and such


I reinstalled the plasma group when i checked unstable and noticed some new packages so figured id just get those that way

What do you mean plasma group? plasma-desktop?

Or this?

[ricklinux@eos-kde ~]$ sudo pacman -S plasma
[sudo] password for ricklinux: 
:: There are 49 members in group plasma:
:: Repository kde-unstable
   1) bluedevil  2) breeze  3) breeze-gtk  4) discover  5) drkonqi  6) flatpak-kcm
   7) kactivitymanagerd  8) kde-cli-tools  9) kde-gtk-config  10) kdecoration
   11) kdeplasma-addons  12) kgamma5  13) khotkeys  14) kinfocenter  15) kmenuedit  16) kpipewire
   17) kscreen  18) kscreenlocker  19) ksshaskpass  20) ksystemstats  21) kwallet-pam
   22) kwayland-integration  23) kwin  24) kwrited  25) layer-shell-qt  26) libkscreen
   27) libksysguard  28) milou  29) oxygen  30) oxygen-sounds  31) plasma-browser-integration
   32) plasma-desktop  33) plasma-disks  34) plasma-firewall  35) plasma-integration
   36) plasma-nm  37) plasma-pa  38) plasma-sdk  39) plasma-systemmonitor  40) plasma-thunderbolt
   41) plasma-vault  42) plasma-welcome  43) plasma-workspace  44) plasma-workspace-wallpapers
   45) polkit-kde-agent  46) powerdevil  47) sddm-kcm  48) systemsettings
   49) xdg-desktop-portal-kde

Enter a selection (default=all): 

Edit: Not sure i want some of these packages.

Okay …i installed it and well see after i reboot.

yeah thats the group i installed with the 49 packages

Yes it works now and i have a lot of other stuff installed but that’s fine.

Discover is back. :laughing:

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Meta T is working but not sure how to use this.

yeah im really not sure which packages are related to the feature so best i could do is point at the group and say
“One of those guys did it!”

EDIT: Also the Flatpak Permissions has pretty much the same feature set as Flatseal so KDE users dont really need that application anymore


I can’t wait to try the next iteration of qt6. Hopefully wayland is finally considered supported and they get the gestures right!

I’ll be back to plasma!

So far the only specific pain point ive had with Plasma Wayland is that SDDM tends to choke on wayland sessions. If you use the git versions you dont have the shut down bug but you also cant logout then back in or swap users with SDDM as it just gives a black screen when you do. Though i dont use gestures so i can only say so much.

Another cool feature for KDE Wayland Gamers, the allowing tearing in fullscreen windows is here. I think this makes KDE Wayland the 100% better choice for gaming on Wayland now